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Exotic supercar pictures - Zenvo ST1 Supercar - Fastest and most expensive street cars.


2010 Zenvo ST1     Zenvo ST1 Car Photo     Zenvo ST1 Wallpaper
2010 Zenvo ST1 Zenvo ST1 Car Photo Zenvo ST1 Wallpaper

Zenvo ST1 Car Wallpaper     Zenvo ST1 Details     Zenvo ST1 Exotic Car
Zenvo ST1 Car Wallpaper Zenvo ST1 Details Zenvo ST1 Exotic Car

Zenvo ST1 Expensive Car     Zenvo ST1 Interior     Zenvo ST1 Side View
Zenvo ST1 Expensive Car Zenvo ST1 Interior Zenvo ST1 Side View

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About The Zenvo ST1 - One Of The Most Expensive Cars:

Average Price in 2012: $1,8 million USD

Zenvo Automotive is a Danish sports car manufacturer based in the Danish island of Zealand.

The Zenvo Automotive company was formed in 2004. The Zenvo high-performance sports car concept was ready
in December 2008 and after the final testings, manufacturing started in 2009. The designation of the vehicle is
Zenvo ST1. Only 15 vehicles will be produced and will be delivered only to approved prospects.

Actually, the Zenvo ST-1 is now being delivered in the US with production being limited to only 3 vehicles per
year. Marketing is being led by a California based firm by the name of Red Sea Distribution. Cost of the US
version is estimated at 1.8 million USD, which includes a free watch priced at $50,000.

The car features a 7L V8 engine producing 1,250 hp in the USA and 1,104 hp elsewhere. Tests by "The Motor
Report" resulted in a 0–100 km/h time of 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 375 km/h.

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Zenvo ST1 Photo     Zenvo ST1 Expensive Car     Zenvo ST1 Car Picture
Zenvo ST1 Photo Zenvo ST1 Expensive Car Zenvo ST1 Car Picture

Zenvo ST1 Logo     Zenvo ST1 Top View     Zenvo ST1 Supercar
Zenvo ST1 Logo Zenvo ST1 Top View Zenvo ST1 Supercar


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