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Cute zebra animal wallpapers, leopard zebras, funny zebras, zebra herd and more images.
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beautiful zebra     leopard zebra
Beautiful zebra Leopard zebra  

loving zebra     running zebras     striped zebras
Loving zebra Running zebras Striped zebras


zebra animal herd     zebra couple     zebra family picture
Zebra animal herd Zebra couple Zebra family picture

zebra photo     zebras     zebra wallpaper
Zebra photo Zebras Zebra wallpaper

Zebra Animal Description:

With their strange appearance, singular, due to streaks that cross the body, zebras animals
have become symbolic of Africa, widely publicized, better known even than the giraffes with
their unusual silhouette. They are an essential element of the African landscape, the great
savannahs covered by tall grasses, which pop up here and there.

In Africa, three species of zebra live today, stationed in the Eastern and southern continent,
the territories of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and
also in Namibia and South Africa. In this space, apparently very large, zebras live in isolated
groups. The largest and most graceful species is grevy Equus, Grevy 's zebra, named in honor
of Jules Grevy, one of the presidents of France. Grevy 's zebra was still known in Europe since
Roman times.

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