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Here you will find wolf wallpapers. The wolf, also known as Canis Lupus, is a social predator.
Beautiful pictures of wolves that you can use as desktop background for your computer.


beautiful white wolf     beautiful wolf picture     digital wolf drawing
Beautiful white wolf Beautiful wolf picture Digital wolf drawing

gray lonely wolf wallpaper     howling wolf photo     white wolf wallpaper
Gray lonely wolf wallpaper Howling wolf photo White wolf wallpaper


wolf digital wallpaper     wolf eyes     wolf howling picture
Wolf digital wallpaper Wolf eyes Wolf howling picture

wolf in the forest     wolf puppy baby     wolves wallpaper
Wolf in the forest Wolf puppy baby Wolves wallpaper

Wolf description:

Physical performance of the wolves are at least impressive. In search of food they can travel
over 100 km in one night. Running speed of the wolf can excess 60km/hour. His senses are
extraordinary. Not only the smell is very fine, but hearing and seeing, so the wolf can hunt very
well at night - during his favorite hunting - as well as during the day or in the morning twilight.

It has a high resistance to pain and great courage in battle. But more than physical
performance, the wolf has a special intelligence. Hunting using various tactics, from
strategy-pincer gradual handles prey to the enclosed area. Often manages to bypass
the traps made by humans.

Wolf resources:

The International Wolf Center

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