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If you need help in using this website, or for downloading and setting an image as your desktop background,
please read further:

Browsing this website

You can browse this website smoothly by using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera
Browser, please be sure to have the latest versions of these browsers for proper display of our pages.

You can find all the wallpaper galleries on this website (which are not accessible from the Home page) by visiting
the Site-Map page.

You can enter a wallpaper category by clicking on a gallery link in the Site-Map section, then, clicking on a picture inside a gallery will open a new window (or new browser tab) with the full-size image, right click on the full-size image and you'll have the option to either save the file to your computer, or directly set it as your desktop background.

Downloading an image to your computer

For downloading an image to your harddisk, after right clicking on the full size image, select 'save as' or 'save picture as' , then select the location where you want the picture to be copied in your computer, and click on "save".

Setting an image as your desktop background

To set an image as your background, right click on the full size image and select 'set as background' or 'set as desktop background' , your image should then appear on your desktop.

Image resolution - proper display

Older (first added) wallpapers on this website are in 1024x768 pixels resolution, however, we're starting to increase the resolution, and for now, most of the new added pictures are (and will be) of at least 1280x800 pixels and higher.

If your display resolution is larger than this, then you can go to your display settings and select 'Stretch' at the desktop settings, then the image should fill your entire display size.

Further help

If you need further help in using this this website, or for any question, please feel free to Contact Us

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