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Retro Volvo drift car     Vintage Volvo 142     Volvo 122 racer
Retro Volvo drift car Vintage Volvo 142 Volvo 122 racer

Volvo 240 rally     Volvo 1800 E racing car     Volvo C30 green racing
Volvo 240 rally Volvo 1800 E racing car Volvo C30 green racing

Volvo C30 STCC racecar     Volvo C30 WTTC     Volvo Nascar racing
Volvo C30 STCC racecar Volvo C30 WTTC Volvo Nascar racing

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Information About The Volvo Motorsport Division:

In 1928, a Volvo Jakob OV4 car enters in the challenging 1360km Moscow-Leningrad-Moscow Rally event.
The Volvo was the only vehicle to finish the race without penalty points. However, apart from a few minor events,
Volvo was not seen in racing again until the late 1940's. One of Volvo's two founders, Assar Gabrielsson, was
quoted as stating that "Car rallies are as useful to the industry as dog racing". So there's no wonder why Volvo
was long-absent from motorsport events.

However, a small black PV444s car started to appear in European rally events. Starting from 1949, Volvos
begun to appear in rally series all over the Western Hemisphere. By 1958, the privateer drivers and passionates
have so amazed Volvo that the President at that time, Gunnar Engellau gave official support to help the most
experienced. At that time, Volvo cars were the fastest of the rallying saloons. In 1958, the famous Gunnar
Andersson won the European Rally Championship title.

In 1963 and 1964, Volvo won The European Championship Again. This time Andersson used the new 122 /
Amazon car model taking the British RAC Rally's in 1963. Sylvia Osterberg also drove a 122, while Tom Trana
used a PV544.

The 140 won the Southern Cross rally in 1968. The new generation 142s Volvo, lightly prepared, driven by John
Keran, swept away the title from the 3000km route of Australia's hardest rally.

In 1986 at the Australian Touring Car Championship, Francevic entered with a Volvo 240T. That year, the
Turbo equipped Volvos were very popular in Australia and all over the Europe. Volvo continued to win many
races in Europe.

Unfortunately, the great victories in the BTCC, the German TCC, the European Car Championships and in
Australia / Asia, was not enough to convince Volvo and Ford to continue with the Volvo Racing department.
The 1999 event in Australia was the last motorsport race Volvo attended under their program, and the 850's
and S40's racing prepared Volvos were taken to storage or crushed...

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Volvo P1800 sports car     Volvo PV544 rally car     Volvo racing wallpaper
Volvo P1800 sports car Volvo PV544 rally car Volvo racing wallpaper

Volvo retro car     Volvo S60 race car     Volvo WTTC racing car
Volvo retro car Volvo S60 race car Volvo WTTC racing car


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Notable Volvo Motorsports Car Models:

- Volvo PV444s
- Volvo PV544
- Volvo 140
- Volvo 240
- Volvo 850 Wagon
- Volvo S60 R
- Volvo C30

Other Resources About Volvo Sports / Touring / F1 Car Racing:

- Volvo in Motorsport - Facebook Page
- Volvo 850 Motorsport Involvement at Wikipedia

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