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2011 Polo R WRC car     2013 VW Polo R WRC     Classic VW racing car
2011 Polo R WRC car 2013 VW Polo R WRC Classic VW racing car

Polo R rally WRC car     Retro VW racecar     Scirocco sports car
Polo R rally WRC car Retro VW racecar Scirocco sports car

Volskwagen ecoracer car     Volskwagen Scirocco racer     Volskwagen racer car
Volskwagen ecoracer car Volskwagen Scirocco racer Volskwagen racer car

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Information About The Volskwagen Motorsport Division:

- 1963 - Formula Vee circuit racing, with cars produced from used Beetle components, started in the USA.
- 1971 - VW of America begun the more powerful Formula Super Vee, became renowned for its new talented drivers.
- 1976 - VW entered the under-2000-cc Trans-Am class, with the Scirocco model, and they won their category title.
- 1981 - Now renamed Volkswagen Motorsport, VW took a new step into rallying, with its famous first-generation Golf.
- 2000 - VW organized a one-make race cup with the completely new Beetle car called the ADAC New Beetle Cup.
- 2001 - Renamed Volkswagen Racing, focused on creating circuit racing championship, the Volkswagen Racing Cup.
- 2003 - VW replaced the ADAC Volkswagen Lupo Cup with the new Polo, to become the ADAC Volkswagen Polo Cup.
- 2004 - VW Commercial cars entered the European Truck Racing events with the Volkswagen Titan model truck.
- 2011 - VW Motorsport entered two Skoda Fabia S2000s (after Skoda take over) into the WRC for round 8 in Finland.
- For 2013: Volkswagen Motorsport plans to compete in a full WRC event in 2013 with the Polo-R WRC.
- For 2018: Volkswagen is considering an involvement in to F1 according to Volkswagen's director of motorsport division.

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Volskwagen rally car     VW Beetle rally car     VW Beetle Rallye
Volskwagen rally car VW Beetle rally car VW Beetle Rallye

VW Jetta rally car     VW racing car     VW Scirocco GT24
VW Jetta rally car VW racing car VW Scirocco GT24


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Notable Volskwagen Motorsports Car Models:

- VW Golf First Generation, GTI
- VW Beetle Cup
- VW Lupo Cup
- VW Scirocco GT-24
- VW Polo-R WRC, Cup, GTI
- VW Jetta TDI Cup

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