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Vehicle Wallpapers Index Page - Here you can download quality vehicle wallpapers: 4x4 SUV cars, Sports cars,
Convertibles, Muscle and Classic cars, Luxury and Expensive, Rally prepared, Dakar vehicles, F1 rally autos, pickup
trucks, beautiful Italian cars, Japanese cars and more.

Click on a gallery to view more wallpapers of the desired car model - All car pictures are in 1280x800 pixel resolution,
this way all the images in these galleries will fit most of the displays. If you need help in downloading and setting
a picture as your wallpapers, please refer to the Help section of this site. Thank you.

4x4 SUV Cars Wallpapers Pick-up Trucks Beautiful Italian Cars Wallpapers American Muscle Cars Japanese Sports Cars Wallpapers

4x4 SUV Cars Pick-up Trucks Beautiful Italian Cars American Muscle Cars Japanese Sports Cars

Electric Green Cars Rally Racing Sports Cars Pictures Subcompact-Small Formula One Car Wallpapers Crossover Cars
Electric Green Cars Rally Prepared Cars Subcompact-Small Formula 1 - F1 Crossover Cars

Most Expensive Modern Cars Expensive Classics Modern Muscle Cars Wallpapers Convertibles Luxury Cars Wallpapers
Expensive Modern Expensive Classics Modern Muscle Cars Convertibles Luxury Cars

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Automobile History:

The first ideas for an automobile appeared back in 1335, when people considered that can build some vehicles
powered by wind. However, there were a few designs on paper but such a vehicle was never built. Later, Leonardo
da Vinci designed a kind of trycycle but again, it was never built as a functioning vehicle.

It is said that the Chinese Emperor Chien Lung had a steam-powered vehicle built by a priest, the year was 1678,
however, there are no official records about this statement, so it remains a myth. The first engine was a steam-powered single-cylinder made by Newcomen in 1712. The Newcomen's engine was a really-big machine that could
not leave the laboratory.

In 1765 James Watt introduced the first pressurized steam engine which was a lot more efficient and compact that
the Newcomen's primitive engine. The first automobile to run helped by its own power was designed by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot and built by M. Brezin, the year was in 1769 and there is records of this fact. A replica of this automobile is displayed at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers, in France - Paris.

The first steam powered automobiles were so heavy that they were only good to use on a perfectly flat surface.
The development of the internal-combustion engine halted until a fuel was available that can combust in a closed
compartment. The automobile built by Charles and Frank Duryea, brothers, was the first gasoline powered car in
the USA. The first run on the roads was made on September 21, 1893 in Springfield, MA.

Henry Ford had a working engine by 1893, but it was 1896 before he built his first vehicle. By the end of the year
Ford had sold his first vehicle, named Quadracycle. Ford created the Detroit Automobile Company in 1899. A few
car prototypes were manufactured, but no production automobiles were ever made by this company. It was
dissolved in January 1901. Ford did not offer a public automobile for sale until 1903.

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