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Wild turtle animals. Wood turtle, under sea turtle, swimming, African and American turtle
pictures. On this page you can download quality photos of beautiful underwater turtles.


american big turtle     diving turtle     giant african turtle
American big turtle Diving turtle Giant african turtle

ocean turtle wallpaper     sea turtle wallpaper     turtle desktop wallpaper
Ocean turtle wallpaper Sea turtle wallpaper Turtle desktop wallpaper


turtle reptile picture     turtle swimming     turtle wallpaper image
Turtle reptile picture Turtle swimming Turtle wallpaper image

two cute turtles     under sea turtle     wood turtle photo
Two cute turtles Under sea turtle Wood turtle photo

Turtle Animal Description:

The turtle is a reptile of the order Testudines. Turtle has a formidable resistance to hunger,
which can reach up to 400 days. The heaviest turtle in the world today is the turtle Luthor
(Dermochelys Coriaceea), which weighs 700 kg and have a length of 2-3 m. The largest
living land tortoises in the Galapagos Islands are (Testudo elephantopos) in the Indian
Ocean Islands.

They exceed 1 m in length and weighing 250-400 kg. Most populated island with giant
tortoises of Aldabra is the Seychelle Islands (Indian Ocean), declared a nature reserve.
On this island there are over 100,000 giant turtles. On the coast of Cuba in 1937 was
found a giant turtle with a length of 4 m and over 500 years old, which means that he lived
since the days when Columbus discovered America.

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