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Toyota Supra quality wallpaper gallery and technical specifications. Toyota Supra is a powerful Japanese
sports car, nicely designed and with performance sporty handling and industry-leading technology.
All wallpapers are in 1280x800 high resolution to fit any display.


2011 toyota supra     black toyota supra     high performance supra
2011 toyota supra Black toyota supra High performance supra

modified toyota supra     orange supra wallpaper     red toyota supra
Modified toyota supra Orange supra wallpaper Red toyota supra

supra ft-86 wallpaper     toyota supra 2013     toyota supra car wallpaper
Supra ft-86 wallpaper Toyota supra 2013 Toyota supra car wallpaper

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Brief History of The Toyota Supra:

The Toyota Supra is a sports car manufactured by Toyota Motors from 1979 to 2002. The design of the Toyota
Supra was inspired from the Toyota Celica, but it was longer and wider. The first three models were offered with
the Toyota Crown's and 2000GT's M engines. All four generations of Supra were equipped with an inline six-cylinder

In 1998, Toyota stopped marketing of the the Supra in the US, and in 2002 they stopped production in Japan.
As an appreciated sports car, the Supra was featured in many video games, movies, music videos and TV shows.
Some of the most famous appearances include the Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, Need for Speed, and the
2001 movie, The Fast and the Furious.

Motor Trend is now stating that a Supra successor is in the process of construction. The new Supra is believed
to be based on the 2007 Toyota FT-HS model that will be fitted with a 3.5L V-6 hybrid engine capable of 400 hp.
If Toyota keeps its plans, it will unveil the new Supra series in autumn of 2014. In 1994, the Mark IV Supra won
Popular Mechanics Design & Engineering awards.

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toyota supra concept car     toyota supra dashboard     toyota supra engine bay
Toyota supra concept car Toyota supra dashboard Toyota supra engine bay

toyota supra picture     toyota supra racing car     toyota supra racing
Toyota supra picture Toyota supra racing car Toyota supra racing

toyota supra side view     toyota supra sport drift     toyota supra wallpaper
Toyota supra side view Toyota supra sport drift Toyota supra wallpaper

toyota supra white     tuned toyota supra     white toyota supra
Toyota supra white Tuned toyota supra White toyota supra


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Toyota Supra Generation Models and Specifications:

- Mark I 1978–1981 - The front panels were designed in such way to accommodate the Inline-6 engines.
- Mark II 1982–1986 - Toyota completely redesigned the Celica Supra.
- Mark III 1986–1992 - The Celica changed to FWD drivetrain, while the Supra kept its RWD traction platform.
- Mark IV 1992–2002 - Toyota took a big step in the direction of a more serious high-performance sports car.
- Possible Mark-V - Major auto publications have stated a possible revival of the Toyota Supra.

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