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Blue Toyota racing car     Corolla WRC group N     Toyota Aygo racecar
Blue Toyota racing car Corolla WRC group N Toyota Aygo racecar

Toyota car wallpaper     Toyota Chaser JZX-100     Toyota Corolla race car
Toyota car wallpaper Toyota Chaser JZX-100 Toyota Corolla race car

Toyota Corolla Rally     Toyota Corolla WRC car     Toyota Nascar car
Toyota Corolla Rally Toyota Corolla WRC car Toyota Nascar car

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Information About The Toyota Motorsport Division:

Toyota has participated at many motorsports events all over the world. Toyota is also in charge of the Lexus
brand in other sports racing series. Toyota is also developing engines and various car parts for other Japanese
motorsport departments including formula Nippon, Super GT, F3 and formula Toyota class. Toyota also created
a driver training class known as Toyota Young Drivers Program which has the role of financing and educating
future Japanese car racing drivers.

Toyota Motorsport GmbH was previously in charge for Toyota's motorsports division including F1.
Toyota Motorsport GmbH also designed racing vehicles for WRC and Le Mans events. Toyota enjoyed fame
in all these motorsports series.

In 2002, Toyota entered F1 as a manufacturer and F1 engine provider, but even with very good drivers and
a very big budget, they failed to achieve victories in other classes. On November 4, 2009 Toyota stated they
will leave the sport scene because of the global economic crisis.

Toyota Racing Development was made to produce high-performance racing car parts for many Toyotas.
TRD has had much success with their innovative and high quality tuning parts, as well as creating state-of-the-art
technology for cars used in all types of motorsports. TRD is also in charge for Toyota's participation in NASCAR

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Toyota RA28 rally car     Toyota racecar wallpaper     Toyota racing prototype
Toyota RA28 rally car Toyota racecar wallpaper Toyota racing prototype

Toyota snow rally car     Toyota Soarer drift car     Toyota Yaris B-Spec
Toyota snow rally car Toyota Soarer drift car Toyota Yaris B-Spec


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Notable Toyota Motorsports Car Models:

- Toyota RA28
- Toyota Yaris B-Spec
- Toyota Corolla WRC
- Toyota TF107 F1
- Toyota Celica
- Toyota Supra GT
- Toyota Avensis BTTC
- Toyota TRD Camry
- Toyota Vios TRD

Other Resources About Toyota Sports / Touring / F1 Car Racing:

- Toyota Motorsport GmbH - The Home of High Performance Racing Cars
- Toyota Motorsports History

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