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Toyota Land Cruiser Pictures and Specifications. The Toyota Land Cruiser is a four-wheel drive car produced
by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation.


toyota land cruiser silver     2010 toyota land cruiser     2011 black toyota land cruiser
Toyota land cruiser silver 2010 toyota land cruiser 2011 black toyota land cruiser

2012 toyota land cruiser picture     2012 toyota land cruiser suv     2012 toyota land cruiser
2012 toyota land cruiser picture 2012 toyota land cruiser suv 2012 toyota land cruiser

2012 landcruiser wallpaper     black toyota landcruiser     offroad toyota land cruiser
2012 landcruiser wallpaper Black toyota landcruiser Offroad toyota land cruiser

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Some info about the Toyota Land Cruiser:

Design of the first generation Land Cruiser began in 1951 as Toyota's version of a Jeep-like vehicle and
manufacturing started in 1954. The Land Cruiser has been made in convertible, hardtop, station wagon, and
utility truck models. The Land Cruiser's reliability and longevity has led to huge popularity among many off-road

Toyota also hardly tests the Land Cruiser in the Australian outback — known to be one of the toughest
environments for driving a car. Main competitors of the Land Cruiser are the Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery,
Mitsubishi Pajero and the big Nissan Patrol SUV.

The Toyota AK10 was fitted with the 2259 cc, 4-cylinder Type C engine from the Toyota AE sedan with
a three-speed manual transmission and two-speed transfer gearbox.

The Land Cruiser 100-series is considered a durable and reliable car, however, there have been some issues
found, generally for vehicles operating in harsh conditions.

The Toyota Land Cruiser was restyled in the autumn of 2007. Now known as the 200 Series, it shares the
Lexus LX 570's platform and overall style. The frame was all-new, derived from the second-generation of Toyota
Tundra - pickup truck. In North America, the Land Cruiser 200 model is offered with the 5.7L V8 engine.

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toyota land cruiser 4x4 suv     toyota land cruiser background     toyota land cruiser interior
Toyota land cruiser 4x4 suv Toyota land cruiser background Toyota land cruiser interior

toyota land cruiser offroad     toyota land cruiser wallpaper     white toyota land cruiser
Toyota land cruiser offroad Toyota land cruiser wallpaper White toyota land cruiser


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Toyota Land Cruiser basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Toyota
Production: 1951–present
Body style: 2-door Softtop / Hardtop; 2-door truck; 4-door wagon; 4-door SUV
Class: Off-road vehicle, Full-size SUV
Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive / 4WD
Engine: 2.4L I4; 3.0L diesel I4; 3.4L I6; 3.9L I6; 4.0L diesel I6; 4.2L; 4.5L; 4.7L V8

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