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Toyota Highlander Wallpapers - A well-designed SUV With Off Road Capabilities. Toyota Highlander or
Kluger, is a midsize crossover SUV produced by the Toyota Japanese car company.


toyota highlander     2011 toyota highlander hybrid     2011 toyota highlander interior
Toyota highlander 2011 toyota highlander hybrid 2011 toyota highlander interior

2011 toyota highlander rear     2011 toyota highlander suv     2011 toyota highlander
2011 toyota highlander rear 2011 toyota highlander suv 2011 toyota highlander

2012 highlander 4x4 suv     2012 toyota highlander image     2012 highlander suv picture
2012 highlander 4x4 suv 2012 toyota highlander image 2012 highlander suv picture

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Some info about the Toyota Highlander:

Toyota Highlander was the first midsize SUV / midsize crossover car. The Highlander is the crossover counterpart
to the more rugged, truck-based 4Runner and was Toyota's best-selling SUV, being surpassed by the smaller RAV4

The Highlander came in basic packages with 4WD and offered AWD optional (50:50 front rear fixed torque split).
The Highlander was available in three models in the United States: the basic model, the Sport model, and the
Limited model.

Toyota introduced the second generation Highlander and Highlander Hybrid at the Chicago Auto Show in 2007.
At first, the powertrain for the 2008 Highlander was a 270 hp 3.5L V6 engine coupled to a five-speed automatic
transmission. The 3.5L engine has 55 more bhp than the previous 3.3L V6 engine.

In 2010, for the 2011 model year, Toyota has made some minor changes to the Highlander and Highlander Hybrid.
The non-hybrid engines for 2011 remain the same, however, the 2.7L four cylinder engine may be found on the SE

All models has enhanced Vehicle Stability Control which alters in real-time electric powering steering assist
w/traction control. Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) is also a basic feature, preventing rolling backwards on slopes,
and Downhill Assist Control (DAC) is standard on Highlander AWD car models.

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2012 toyota highlander suv     black toyota highlander     toyota highlander highlander
2012 toyota highlander suv Black toyota highlander Toyota highlander highlander

highlander hybrid wallpaper     toyota highlander in the city     toyota highlander wallpaper
Highlander hybrid wallpaper Toyota highlander in the city Toyota highlander wallpaper


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Toyota Highlander basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Toyota
Production: 2000–present
Body style: 5-door wagon
Class: Mid-size crossover SUV
Layout: Front-engine, front-wheel drive; Front-engine, all-wheel drive
Engine: 2.4L I4; 2.7L I4; 3.0L V6; 3.3L V6; 3.5L V6; 3.3L V6 Hybrid Tech Engine

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