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Toyota Celica quality picture gallery and car specifications. Toyota Celica is a powerful and beautiful
Japanese sports car, with top of the line technology, nice looks and good handling. All pictures are in full
size 1280x800 resolution.


1973 toyota celica     1990 toyota celica gt4     2012 toyota celica interior
1973 toyota celica 1990 toyota celica gt4 2012 toyota celica interior

2012 toyota celica     blue toyota celica     celica 2003 picture
2012 toyota celica Blue toyota celica Celica 2003 picture

celica gt-four rally car     celica gt wallpaper     modified toyota celica
Celica gt-four rally car Celica gt wallpaper Modified toyota celica

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Brief History of The Toyota Celica:

Throughout its production lifetime the Celica has been equipped with mostly 4-cylinder straight engines.
The most important modification appeared in 1985, when the car's body layout was changed from RWD to FWD.
During the first three generation series, Celicas were fitted with various types of Toyota's R series engines. The
4WD turbocharged model was manufactured from 1986 to 1999.

The first Celicas released in Japan intended to be a more affordable option to Toyota's sports car - the 2000GT.
Introduced at the 1970 Tokyo Motor Show and marketed in December of the same year, the Celica was a personal
vehicle focused on charming style and driving pleasure.

The first top-line GT's were fitted with a five-speed manual transmission, rocker panel GT stripes, and steel
alloy wheels. The second series Celica was released for 1978 model year, and was sold in both Coupe and
Liftback versions. In 1981 the third generation of Celica appeared. The car was available in coupe, liftback and
convertible models.

Forth-generation - In August 1985 the Celica was changed almost completely. It was a unique new vehicle with
FWD, a rounded body and new 2.0L 4-cylinder engines. The fifth generation Celica was introduced in 1989 for the
1990 model year. The Celica got a new Super Round design, new wheels and tires, and a powerful GT-Four version.

In 1993, Toyota launched the sixth generation Celica. For the US market, the Celica was only available in ST
and GT versions, but the addition of the "Sports Package" to the GT resulted in GT-S-like handling of the car,
especially at higher speeds. In 1999, Toyota started production and sales of the seventh series. The new
Celica is similar with the XYR concept.

Japanese market continued to produce SS-I and SS-II trim models. The SS-I is powered by a 1ZZ-FE engine,
and the SS-II came with the 2ZZ-GE engine. The SS-II had the option for Super Strut Package with super strut
suspension, rear strut bar, 16" alloys and styled metal pedals.

In motor sports, the car is known for its performance. The first World Rally Championship (WRC) event for the
Celica was 1972 RAC Rally when Ove Andersson took the 1600 GTV on the ninth place.

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old celica gt4 racing     old celica sports car     red celica 2012 wallpaper
Old celica gt4 racing Old celica sports car Red celica 2012 wallpaper

toyota celica 2003     toyota celica on the road     toyota celica roof view
Toyota celica 2003 Toyota celica on the road Toyota celica roof view

toyota celica sport tuning     celica sport wallpaper     toyota celica varis tuned
Toyota celica sport tuning Celica sport wallpaper Toyota celica varis tuned

toyota celica vvt-i engine     toyota celica wallpaper     yellow toyota celica
Toyota celica vvt-i engine Toyota celica wallpaper Yellow toyota celica


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Toyota Celica Generation Models and Specifications:

- Celica ET, LT, ST, GT, GTV - 2T-G 1.6L, or 18R 2.0L engine.
- Celica Liftback - RA25 2L and TA27 1.6L engines.
- Celica SunChaser - Semi-convertible with removable targa top and a folding rear roof.
- Celica GT-S - 14x7" wheels and 225/60HR14 tires, fender flares and independent rear suspension.
- Celica GT-T - 1.8-liter 3T-GTE Twincam Turbo engine.
- Celica GT-TS - Twincam Turbo engine.
- Celica GT-Four - Full-time AWD, central locking differential, turbocharged GT-S 2.0L engine with 190 hp.
- Celica SX White Lightning - Limited edition model with all white bumpers, side protectors and wheels.
- Celica WRC Trophy - Same as the SX model with sport front seats from the GT-Four and featuring cruise control.
- Celica GT-Four Rally - Limited edition lightweight rally version, sold only in Japan
- Celica GT-Four RC - The special rally edition, of which only 5000 cars were built.
- Celica SS-I, SS-II, SS-III - Japan only Liftback and Convertible available models.
- Celica ZZT230, ZZT231 - 1.8L four-cylinder 140 hp 1ZZ-FE and 1.8L four-cylinder 190 hp engines.

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