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Photos of the Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV - Interior and exterior pictures of the first, second and third generation
Grand Vitara 4x4 vehicle. All pictures are in 1280x800 resolution and can fit any computer display.


suzuki grand vitara     2008 grand vitara offroad     2010 white grand vitara
Suzuki grand vitara 2008 grand vitara offroad 2010 white grand vitara

2012 suzuki grand vitara     2012 grand vitara wallpaper     blue suzuki grand vitara
2012 suzuki grand vitara 2012 grand vitara wallpaper Blue suzuki grand vitara

grand vitara picture     grand vitara     new suzuki grand vitara
Grand vitara picture Grand vitara New suzuki grand vitara

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Some info about the Suzuki Grand Vitara:

The Suzuki Vitara is an off-road car that has been manufactured since 1988. The North American version was
designed as a joint venture between Suzuki and General Motors. The car was a follow-up to the SJ413 and Samurai
off-road vehicle. A larger version is available, known as the Suzuki Grand Vitara.

The Vitara was introduced for 1989 as a 2-door convertible model, featuring a 1.3-liter JA engine and 4-wheel-drive
JX & JLX trims. In 1996, Suzuki introduced the Suzuki X-90 which was mechanically similar to the first vitara but
had a much rounder body, a trunk, and removable roof. The Suzuki X-90 disappeared from Suzuki's line after the
1998 model year, when it was replaced by the Grand Vitara in 1999.

The second generation Vitara was replaced in 2005 by a new car using some parts of the GM Theta structure,
and is made in Japan. The traditional lineup of Suzuki XL7 (unveiled in 2007) was a true Theta car.

In the late of 2008, the Suzuki Grand Vitara was given a face-lift and new engines. Safety has also been enhanced
with more air-bags and traction control standard on all car types. The four mode 4WD system is also available on
all models. The car also came equipped with a lockable central differential along with low ratio gears, for better
off-road performance.

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red suzuki grand vitara     red grand vitara wallpaper     silver suzuki grand vitara
Red suzuki grand vitara Red grand vitara wallpaper Silver suzuki grand vitara

suzuki grand vitara image     suzuki grand vitara interior     suzuki grand vitara picture
Suzuki grand vitara image Suzuki grand vitara interior Suzuki grand vitara picture


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Suzuki Grand Vitara basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Suzuki
Production: 1988–present
Body style: 2-door SUV, 2-door convertible, 4-door SUV, 5-door SUV
Class: compact crossover SUV
Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Engine: 1.3L I4; 1.6L I4; 1.8L I4; 2.0L I4; 2.5L V6 168 hp; 3.2 L VVT V6 D-VVT

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