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Here you can download beautiful Subaru race car wallpapers and Subaru motorsports pictures. Gallery page
of racing prepared Subaru cars, retro Subaru racing cars, list of the most popular Subaru rally cars models.


Impreza WRC 2009 car     Impreza WRC 2009     Red Subaru rally car
Impreza WRC 2009 car Impreza WRC 2009 Red Subaru rally car

Subaru Impreza wallpaper     Subaru Impreza WRC car     Subaru Legacy GT300
Subaru Impreza wallpaper Subaru Impreza WRC car Subaru Legacy GT300

Subaru race car     Subaru racing car     Subaru racing wallpaper
Subaru race car Subaru racing car Subaru racing wallpaper

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Information About The Subaru Motorsport Division:

Subaru Rally division from Japan led by Noriyuki Koseki (creator of Subaru Tecnica International STI) entered
Subaru Leone coupé, sedan DL and RX / Turbo in the WRC between 1980 and 1989. In 1986, Subaru was one
of the only car makers to combine four-wheel-drive and turbo after Audi's successful Quattro traction presented
in 1980.

Tuned versions of the Impreza WRX / STi have been racing with high success in rally events; drivers Colin McRae,
Richard Burns and Petter Solberg have won WRC drivers' awards, and Subaru took three manufacturers' awards.
Subaru's WRC cars are tuned and run by Prodrive, the famous British motorsport division. Notable endurance
records were achieved in the 1990s by the Subaru Legacy racing car.

Since 2005, Subaru has introduced the Controller–area network bus technology, and starting from 2007, all
Subaru cars use the Controller–area network technology. Every Subaru car is equipped with two CAN-buses
devices: one capable of 500 kbit/s data transfer for powertrain information, and the other capable of 125 kbit/s
for body control functions information.

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Subaru rally sport     Subaru STi picture     Subaru STi WRX car
Subaru rally sport Subaru STi picture Subaru STi WRX car

Subaru WRC on snow     Subaru WRX photo     WRX STi racing car
Subaru WRC on snow Subaru WRX photo WRX STi racing car


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Notable Subaru Motorsports Car Models:

- Subaru Impreza WRX and WRX STi models
- Subaru Leone Coupé, Sedan DL, RX and RX Turbo
- Subaru Legacy, GT-300
- Subaru Justy Racer

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