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Beautiful stork bird wallpapers. Stork nest, white stork, babies, digital images and more
wallpapers. On this web gallery you can find beautiful desktop wallpapers of stork birds.


digital funny stork     stork and baby     stork bird flying
Digital funny stork Stork and baby Stork bird flying

stork bird     stork hunting     stork nest picture
Stork bird Stork hunting Stork nest picture


stork picture     storks at the lake     stork
Stork picture Storks at the lake Stork

stork wallpaper     white stork picture     stork nest
Stork wallpaper White stork picture Stork nest

Stork Bird Description:

The white stork is the only large bird which is approached the man and builds its nest in
our neighborhood. Since Roman times was considered a sacred bird as seen today in
many areas. Many popular beliefs link to this bird: brings good luck for the house where
they nest and watch out for fire and lightning, may presage abundance, health, etc..

It can not be confused with any other bird: it has long legs and a red beak, the body
feathers are white and black. Differences between the sexes are almost nonexistent:
the male is generally higher (on average 3.8 kg) than female (3.3 kg). Storks return to
their nesting sites by the end of March, early April. Usually, the male arrives first,
occupying the nest and begin work immediately to renovate the nest. During this period
occur frequently fights because other males try to occupy the nest.

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