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Beautiful desktop wallpapers of squirrel animals. Red and brown squirrel pictures.
Web gallery of quality squirrel animal pictures, baby squirrel, wild squirrel and more.


american squirrel picture     baby squirrel photo     beautiful red squirrel
American squirrel picture Baby squirrel photo Beautiful red squirrel

brown squirrel picture     cute red squirrel     gray squirrel photo
Brown squirrel picture Cute red squirrel Gray squirrel photo


playing squirrel photo     red squirrel wallpaper     sleeping cute squirrel
Playing squirrel photo Red squirrel wallpaper Sleeping cute squirrel

squirrel in tree     squirrel in tree wallpaper     squirrel with nut
Squirrel in tree Squirrel in tree wallpaper Squirrel with nut

Squirrel Animal Description:

Squirrel is a rodent mammal, small, red or black fur on the back and with white breast,
long and bushy tail. So far we have identified more than 300 species of squirrels.
The best known and most populous type is the gray squirrel, which occur on almost entire
surface of the northern hemisphere (Europe, North Asia, Far East and Japan).

The most widespread species, gray squirrel, is 30-40 inches long (including tail).
Weighs about a pound. The squirrel's main food: peanuts, nuts, grains, seeds and berries.
He lives about six years. The smallest known living species of squirrels live in southeast
Nigeria, in Cameroon and Gabon. Its length is about 7 inches. Squirrels do not live in groups,
being solitary animals. Only during mating is coming around. Baby squirrels are born naked
and blind, with weight between 30 and 50 grams each.

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