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Here you can download beautiful Skoda race car wallpapers and Skoda motorsports pictures. Gallery page
of racing prepared Skoda cars, retro Skoda racing cars, list of the most popular Skoda rally cars models.


2010 Skoda Octavia RS     Classic Skoda 130 RS     Fabia RS2000 sports
2010 Skoda Octavia RS Classic Skoda 130 RS Fabia RS2000 sports

Fabia RS logo photo     Fabia RS wallpaper     Fabia S2000 photo
Fabia RS logo photo Fabia RS wallpaper Fabia S2000 photo

Fabia WRC racer car     Skoda 130 RS picture     Skoda Fabia R2 rally
Fabia WRC racer car Skoda 130 RS picture Skoda Fabia R2 rally

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Information About The Skoda Motorsport Division:

Skoda Motorsport is the department of Czech car maker Skoda Auto in charge for the motorsport events.
Skoda raced as a manufacturer in the WRC between 1999 and 2005, and actually is part of the Intercontinental
Rally Challenge.

Skoda began racing in the 1960s with the Octavia and 1000MB cars, before switching to the 110, 120 and 130
versions. Most of the cars were lightly modified models of the regular vehicles, and having small engines they
entered in the lower power categories.

Skoda Motorsport was at the time a division of the Skoda factory. Among the factory workers, to be implied with
the rally division was seen as an amazing activity, and even lots of the drivers were from among factory workers,
foreign specialized drivers drove for the rally division as well.

The new ‘Kit Car’ rules in 1995 offered Skoda the possibility to build a more tuned car, which was based on the
Felicia car. This has bring a big advantage of the Favorit who continued to win its category constantly, but in the
Formula 2 arena the 1500cc engines did not succeed in competition with the 2000cc engine equipped cars.

Skoda debuted in the WRC at the top places for the first time in 1999, with the Skoda Octavia WRC.
Skoda Motorsport division got back to rally in 2008 with a new Super 2000 tuned model of the Fabia, to be
entered in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge.

For 2011 rally event, famous Rallye Monte Carlo Skoda team entered five cars. At the end of the rally Loix achieved
2nd place, Hänninen 6 th, Vouilloz 7th and Kopecký 8th. It was a rally disaster for Skoda because Hänninen was
good enough to win but because a bad tyre choice in two stages cost him the victory.

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Skoda Fabia S2000     Skoda Laura RS car     Skoda Octavia WRC
Skoda Fabia S2000 Skoda Laura RS car Skoda Octavia WRC

Skoda racing car     Skoda racing wallpaper     Skoda rally car
Skoda racing car Skoda racing wallpaper Skoda rally car


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Notable Skoda Motorsports Car Models:

- Skoda 130 RS
- Skoda Felicia Kit Car
- Skoda Octavia RS, WRC
- Skoda Fabia S2000, R2, WRC
- Skoda Laura RS

Other Resources About Skoda Sports / Touring / F1 Car Racing:

- Home of Skoda Motorsport Program
- The history of the Skoda Fabia WRC

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