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Here you can download beautiful Seat race car wallpapers and Seat motorsports pictures. Gallery page of
racing prepared Seat cars, retro Seat racing cars, list of the most popular Seat rally cars models.


Leon supercopa photo     Red Seat racing car     Seat Ibiza SC sport
Leon Supercopa photo Red Seat racing car Seat Ibiza SC sport

Seat Ibiza SC trophy     Seat Leon racing car     Seat Leon rally car
Seat Ibiza SC trophy Seat Leon racing car Seat Leon rally car

Seat Leon supercopa pic     Seat Leon supercopa     Seat racecar picture
Seat Leon Supercopa pic Seat Leon Supercopa Seat racecar picture

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Information About The Seat Motorsport Division:

Seat's participation in car racing begins in the 1960s with its contribution to the national formula events in Spain
and in the late of 1960s the start of its contribution to rallying. In 1971, Seat has created the Special Vehicles
division having the role to strengthen the brand's involvement in rally championships series, resulted in 11 awards
between 1979 and 1983.

In 1985 Seat created the Seat Sport division as a distinctive motorsport division and since the Volkswagen take
over the company in 1986, Seat has been enforced its involvement in the motorsport arena, mainly because of the
Volkswagen's vision of setting Seat name as a sporty brand such to attract the attention of younger car enthusiasts.

Seat's first notable try at a WRC was in the 1977 season when Seat participated with the Seat 1430/124D
Especial 1800 race car, and involved for the first time in the rallying event at the Montecarlo Rally, Seat finished
in the third and fourth place with the 1430-1800 race cars.

In the recent time Seat focused on the Ibiza, a small car equipped with a 1.6L engine inspired by the VW Polo.
The Ibiza enabled the company to enrich its racing experience, and was part of various European national racing

In 2002, Seat organised a one-make race event for the Seat Leon Cupra R, the Seat Leon Supercopa car.
Since 2005, Seat has also raced in the World Touring Car Championship, with its best result in 2007, where
a broken water pump hold Yvan Muller of victory near the finish line. Seat became the first racing division to
compete with a TDI car in the WTCC.

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Seat racer car     Seat racing car photo     Seat rally wallpaper
Seat racer car Seat racing car photo Seat rally wallpaper

Seat Toledo MK2 racer     Seat Toledo race cars     Yellow Seat racecar
Seat Toledo MK2 racer Seat Toledo race cars Yellow Seat racecar


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Notable Seat Motorsports Car Models:

- Seat 1430
- Seat Cordoba WRC, E2, E3
- Seat Ibiza SC, Trophy
- Seat Leon TDI, Supercopa
- Seat Cupra GT
- Seat Toledo MK2

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