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Dangerous scorpion pictures to use as desktop wallpaper. Digital scorpion, black scorpio
picture. Here you can download free scorpion pictures for your computer desktop.


black scorpion photo     black scorpio wallpaper     chile scorpion
Black scorpion photo Black scorpio wallpaper Chile scorpion

dangerous black scorpion     dangerous scorpio wallpaper     desert scorpio wallpaper
Dangerous black scorpion Dangerous scorpio Desert scorpio wallpaper


digitalized scorpio photo     digital scorpion picture     digital scorpion
Digitalized scorpio photo Digital scorpion picture Digital scorpion

scorpion barb photo     scorpion on a rock     scorpion picture
Scorpion barb photo Scorpion on a rock Scorpion picture

Scorpion Description:

Scorpions can be found especially in tropical and subtropical areas. In temperate regions
they are found very rarely. Today, scorpions comprises of over 1400 species, with body size
between 9 mm and 21 cm.

Scorpions have a life span of between 4-25 years. The longest is considered Hadrurus
Arizonensis, which in the wild can reach 25 to 30 years. Of the 1,400 known species,
only 25 have venom that is extremely dangerous for humans. Most scorpions deaths are
among children, the elderly and infirm, and in Africa, South America and Mexico, where
most venomous species are found.

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