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Big rhino animal wallpaper. Sumatran rhino and red rhinoceros pictures. Web picture
gallery of beautiful big rhinos animals, download quality wallpapers with rhinoceros.


big rhino picture     black rhinos     hippo with baby
Big rhino picture Black rhinos Hippo with baby

old rhino picture     rhino and baby     rhino and child
Old rhino picture Rhino and baby Rhino and child


rhinoceros photo     rhino family wallpaper     rhino
Rhinoceros photo Rhino family wallpaper Rhino

rhino wallpaper     sumatran rhino     white rhinoceros
Rhino wallpaper Sumatran rhino White rhinoceros

Rhino Animal Description:

Rhino is the only survivor of the family Rhinocerotidae animal that it contains only five
species. Two of these three species are native to Africa and South Asia. Three of the five
species - Javanese rhino, Sumatran rhino and black rhino - are critically endangered.

Length and weight varies depending of rhinoceros species in part so that the black rhino
has a length of 3-4 m and 1.30 m high at the shoulder, white rhino has the length of 3.5 to
5 m. The black rhino is 1000-2000 kg, and the white of 2300-3600 kg. He has the ability to
run with 50 km\hour. It can turn quickly into a small space, giving proof of agility.
The white rhino is the second largest mammal after the elephant.

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