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A valuable gallery of some of the best rallying and racing car models ever built. There are 30 distinct categories
of 30 car manufacturers which had, and continue to have something to say in motorsport racing events around the
world. Click on a gallery to see all the racing / sports prepared cars models of a brand. All car wallpapers are of high
quality and they can be downloaded in 1280x800 resolution. Please scroll down the page as there are 30 galleries.

Aston Martin Motor Sports Cars Audi Sports Cars BMW Sports Cars Chevrolet Motorsport Cars Citroen Race Cars

Aston Martin Audi BMW Chevrolet Citroen

Dodge Motorsport Cars Fiat Rally Cars Ford Motorsport Cars Honda Sports Cars Hyundai Sports Cars
Dodge Fiat Ford Honda Hyundai

Jaguar Motor Sports Cars Lada Motor Sports Cars Lancia Rally Cars Lotus Motor Sports Cars Maserati Motor Sports Cars
Jaguar Lada Lancia Lotus Maserati

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Car Racing - Motorsport History:

Car Racing started soon after the production of the first gasoline-running vehicles. The first race event ever set up
was on April 28, 1887 by Monsieur Fossier who was at the time the chief editor of Paris magazine Le Vélocipède.
The race was of only 2 kilometres from Neuilly Bridge to the Bois de Boulogne - France. It was won by Georges
Bouton of the De Dion-Bouton car manufacturer, driving a car he had built with Albert, the Comte de Dion, but
because he was the only participant to show up at the vent it is hard to call it a race.

On July 22, 1894, Le Petit Journal publication from Paris organized what is believed to be the world's first car racing
event from Paris to Rouen. Racing events were a good way of publicity boost for car manufacturers. Pierre Giffard from the journal staff, presented it as a "Competition for Horseless Carriages" that were safe, easy to run, and cheap during the event. 102 competitors paid the 10 franc participation price.

69 cars started the 50km selection series that would filter which competitors would be permitted to participate at the
main event, the 127km journey from Paris to Rouen. The participants varied from important car companies like Peugeot or Panhard to amateur drivers, and only 25 were selected for the main event.

The race begun from Porte Maillot and went through the Bois de Boulogne. Count Jules-Albert de Dion was first to
arrive to Rouen after 6 hours and 48 minutes driving with an medium speed of 19 km/h. He finished 3,30 ahead of
Georges Lemaître from Peugeot, followed by Doriot at 16,30, René Panhard at 33,30 and Émile Levassor at 55,30.
The title winners were Peugeot and Panhard as vehicles were selected on their handling, speed and safety measures.

In our days, there are many categories of intensively-active car racing events, of which the most important are:
Formula racing, Touring car racing, Sports-car racing, Production-car racing, One-make racing, Stock car racing,
Rallying, Drag racing, Off-road racing, Kart racing and Historical racing.

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Mazda Race Cars Mercedes Racing Cars Mini Cooper Racing Cars Mitsubishi Race Cars Nissan Race Cars
Mazda Mercedes Mini Cooper Mitsubishi Nissan

Opel Racing Cars Peugeot Rally Cars Porsche Sports Cars Renault Rally Cars Seat Racing Cars
Opel Peugeot Porsche Renault Seat

Skoda Rally Cars Subaru Racing Cars Toyota Motorsport Cars Volskwagen Race Cars Volvo Motorsport Cars
Skoda Subaru Toyota Volskwagen Volvo

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Notable and Famous Racing Cars:

- Subaru WRX STi
- Ford RS2000 Cosworth
- BMW 2002
- Lancia Delta Integrale
- Audi Quattro S1
- Skoda Fabia S2000
- Mazdaspeed3
- Mini Cooper S
- Renault 5 Turbo
- Seat Ibiza SC
- VW Golf GTI
- Chevrolet Corvette

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