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Cute wallpapers of rabbits and bunnies. Domestic animal picture. Baby bunnies with mother,
rabbit and flowers, easter rabbits, cute little rabbit, funny rabbits, rabbits family, bunnies in love.


baby bunnies with mother     beautiful little rabbit and flowers     cute easter rabbits
Baby bunnies with mother Beautiful little rabbit Cute easter rabbits

cute little rabbit     funny rabbit and clothes     funny rabbit picture
Cute little rabbit Funny rabbit and clothes Funny rabbit picture


little rabbits wallpaper     rabbits family picture     two gray rabbits
Little rabbits wallpaper Rabbits family picture Two gray rabbits

two little bunny rabbits easter     two rabbits in love     white rabbit wallpaper
Two little bunnies Two rabbits in love White rabbit wallpaper

Rabbit Animal Description:

Rabbit term designates a number of species of mammals with long ears of the family
Leporidae. They are classified into two categories. As the two species are genetically quite
different and can not replicate between them. European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is
the origin of many breeds of rabbits, now grown worldwide.

An adult rabbit can reach 3-6 kg in weight, and can live up to seven years. The rabbit is
a very fertile animal gives birth to 7-8 puppies, sometimes even more on a single task.
This gives the possibility that, annually, a single female to obtain a number of 5-6 births,
amounting to an average number of 34-40 bunnies!

Rabbits Internet Resources:

American Rabbit Breeders Association

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