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On this webpage you can find Porsche racing cars wallpapers and photos. Classic Porsche rally cars, list
of famous Porsche rally and sports cars, Porsche motorsports history and more resources.


911 GT3 hybrid car     918 RSR racer     Classic Porsche 911
911 GT3 hybrid car 918 RSR racer Classic Porsche 911

Classic Porsche car     Porsche 911 2011 racing     Porsche 911 GT3 hybrid
Classic Porsche car Porsche 911 2011 racing Porsche 911 GT3 hybrid

Porsche 911 GT3 photo     Porsche 911 trans am     Porsche 918 RSR racer
Porsche 911 GT3 photo Porsche 911 Trans Am Porsche 918 RSR racer

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Information About The Porsche Motorsport Division:

Porsche has been a notable winner in many areas of motor sport of which most consisted in long distance trials.
At first, Porsche was just a supplier of small engines to car racing teams up until the late 1960s, but with this
experience Porsche tasted the feeling of car racing success.

The Porsche 917 of 1969 was a very successful car, winning in 1970 the 24 Hours of Le Mans event. With the
911 Carrera RS and the Porsche 935 Turbo, Porsche dominated racing competitions in 1970s, and even has
competed and beaten tuned prototypes, a class in which Porsche introduced the powerful 936, 956 and 962
car versions.

In 2006, Porsche developed race-intended 195 car models to participate in global motorsport races, and in
2007 Porsche produced 275 racing tuned cars - the 7 RS Spyder LMP2, 37 GT2 spec 911 GT3-RSRs, and
231 911 GT3 Cup models.

Porsche consider racing activities as an important part of future automobile engineering, as Porsche entered
almost all events with cars that were equipped differently so they can inspect and tune various car parts /
elements. And with this experience, Porsche started to adjust both race and road cars for better reliability
and handling.

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Porsche GT3 race car     Porsche GT3 RSR side     Porsche GT3 RSR rear
Porsche GT3 race car Porsche GT3 RSR side Porsche GT3 RSR rear

Porsche GT3 RSR     Porsche racecar wallpaper     Porsche racing car
Porsche GT3 RSR Porsche racecar wallpaper Porsche racing car


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Notable Porsche Motorsports Car Models:

- Porsche 911 Turbo / GT3 / Carrera RS
- Porsche 918 RSR
- Porsche 917
- Porsche 935 Turbo
- Porsche 956
- Porsche 7 RS Spyder

Other Resources About Porsche Sports / Touring / F1 Car Racing:

- Porsche Motorsports Events Page
- Porsche Club Motorsport United Kingdom
- History of Porsche Racing

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