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White polar bears pictures gallery, download giant and cub polar bear pictures. On this
webpage you can view beautiful wallpapers with white polar bears, giant and cub polar
bear animal.


giant polar bear     large polar bear     polar bear baby
Giant polar bear Large polar bear Polar bear baby

polar bear face     polar bear mother     polar bear on ice
Polar bear face Polar bear mother Polar bear on ice


polar bears family     polar bears wallpaper     polar bear swimming
Polar bears family Polar bears wallpaper Polar bear swimming

polar bear underwater     polar bear wallpaper     white polar bears
Polar bear underwater Polar bear wallpaper White polar bears

Polar Bear Description:

The polar bear is a white bear that lives in the northern areas of the frozen Arctic Ocean, it is
the largest predator found on land. His life is 35-40 years. The polar bear is a large mammal,
its weight around 300 kg to 600 kg in males and 150 kg to 300 kg in females, height of 1.8 m
and length of 3 meters!

Due to global warming, polar bears are endangered, their habitat reducing increasingly more
(melting ice), being much harder for bears to find food. If climate trends continues, polar bears
could disappear within 100 years.

Polar Bear Internet Resources:

National Wildlife Federation's - Polar Bear Page

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