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Cute little pigs pictures to download and use as desktop wallpapers. Funny pigs, wild pigs
and more. Here you can download quality desktop wallpapers representing pigs.


black pig wallpaper     funny pigs and cat     funny pigs background
Black pig wallpaper Funny pigs and cat Funny pigs background

little pigs animals     pig profile photo     pigs in love
Little pigs animals Pig profile photo Pigs in love


pigs wallpaper     small pigs picture     small pocket pigs
Pigs wallpaper Small pigs picture Small pocket pigs

wild pig baby     wild pig picture     wild pigs babies
Wild pig baby Wild pig picture Wild pigs babies

Pig Animal Description:

The domestic pig is the oldest domesticated animal by people along with the dog.
It 's seems that domestication occurred 9000 years ago. In Europe and Far East, pork meat
is preferred by consumers. The number of domestic pigs is about 961 million, of which 190
million in Europe and 489 million in China.

Some religions (Islam , Judaism and Seventh Day Adventist cult) prohibit the consumption
of pork meat. Feral pigs like other introduced mammals are major drivers of extinction and
ecosystem change. They have been introduced into many parts of the world, and will damage
crops and home gardens as well as potentially spreading disease. They uproot large areas
of land, eliminating native vegetation and spreading weeds. This results in habitat alteration,
a change in plant succession and composition and a decrease in native fauna dependent on
the original habitat.

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