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Cute penguin mammal animals pictures. Download penguin wallpapers, penguin baby,
couple and more. Web gallery of quality desktop wallpapers of beautiful penguins.


african penguin     beautiful penguin baby     emperor penguin picture
African penguin Beautiful penguin baby Emperor penguin picture

funny jumping penguin     penguin couple     penguin mammal bird
Funny jumping penguin Penguin couple Penguin mammal bird


penguin mother and child     penguins animals wallpaper     penguins wallpaper
Penguin mother and child Penguins animals wallpaper Penguins wallpaper

penguin wallpaper     penguin with baby     travelling penguins
Penguin wallpaper Penguin with baby Travelling penguins

Penguin Animal Description:

Penguins are a group of aquatic birds, which cannot fly, and live exclusively in the southern
hemisphere. Acvo terrestrial mammals are living on the frozen continent called Antarctica.
These flightless birds catch their food by swimming and catching fish in the mouth that then
devours him.

On land they barely look like slow but water can move very fast because they have those
wings with which water moves very quickly. There are about 20 species of penguins.
A penguin in the water can travel with 6-12 km/h.

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