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Cute panda bear wallpapers that you can download for free. On this gallery page you can
find beautiful wallpapers of cute panda bears, giant panda, sleeping and cub pandas.


baby panda     big panda wallpaper     cute panda in tree
Baby panda Big panda wallpaper Cute panda in tree

large panda photo     little panda baby     panda bear eating
Large panda photo Little panda baby Panda bear eating


panda bear playing     panda eating image     panda mother and cub
Panda bear playing Panda eating image Panda mother and cub

pandas     resting panda picture     sleeping panda
Pandas Resting panda picture Sleeping panda

Panda Bear Description:

These species are a true symbol of China, so it is a species protected by law, but
unfortunately, is disappearing. In the past, pandas territories occupied much of China's
wild areas, and can be found in areas up to 1400m altitude, although they preferred the
milder climates.

In 2004, experts said that there are less than 1,600 copies left, some groups now living in
south-western China. Giant Panda which is typically white fur spotted with black, is one of
the most shy and rare animal species in the world, but it's also the most known mammal
in the world.

Panda Bear Internet Resources:

Pandas International – Panda Conservation Group

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