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Pagani Huayra rare luxury car wallpapers - One of the most expensive cars ever built. The Pagani car
manufacturer has one big advantage over other car makers - they know what a serious driver need, thus,
they create every car counting the most finest details of this quest.


2012 Pagani Huayra     Pagani Huayra Interior     Pagani Huayra 2012
2012 Pagani Huayra Pagani Huayra Interior Pagani Huayra 2012

Huayra 2012 Wallpaper     Pagani Huayra Engine Bay     Pagani Huayra Exotic Car
Huayra 2012 Wallpaper Pagani Huayra Engine Bay Pagani Huayra Exotic Car

Pagani Huayra Expensive     Pagani Huayra Front View     Pagani Huayra on Road
Pagani Huayra Expensive Pagani Huayra Front View Pagani Huayra on Road

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About The Pagani Huayra - One Of The Most Expensive Cars:

Average Price in 2012: $1.4 million USD with standard engine.

The Pagani Huayra is a sports car produced by the Italian car maker Pagani. Replacing the Pagani's older
versions, the Zonda, the car will be priced at US$1.4 million when will be available for purchase in 2013.
Its name is inspired by Huayra-tata, a South American god of wind.

The Huayra is powered by a twin-turbo Mercedes-AMG V12 engine - the 6.0L, codenamed the M158, can
generate 700 hp. The car can reach a top speed of 370 km/h and can record a 0–60 mph time of only 3.3
seconds. Fitted with Pirelli tires, the Huayra can hold 1.5g of lateral acceleration at speeds of up to 370 km/h.

Compared to many modern sports cars, the Huayra does not have a dual-clutch gearbox; instead it uses
a 7-speed sequential gearbox and a dual-disc clutch. As a result, the whole transmission of the Huayra
weighs only 96 kg.

The Pagani Huayra, compared to its older versions, incorporates active aerodynamics. The car can
automatically change its front height from the ground and independently uses four flaps at the rear and
front of the car. Flaps actioning achieve minimal drag coefficient or maximum downforce depending on
the situation. The car also prevents excess body roll in the corners by actioning the "inside" flaps.

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Pagani Huayra Open Doors     Pagani Huayra Tail Lights     Pagani Huayra Rear View
Pagani Huayra Open Doors Pagani Huayra Tail Lights Pagani Huayra Rear View

Pagani Huayra Supercar     Huayra Car Wallpaper     Red Pagani Huayra
Pagani Huayra Supercar Huayra Car Wallpaper Red Pagani Huayra


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