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Burrowing owl wallpaper pictures. Gallery of eagle owl, great gray, barred owl and more
pictures. On this webpage you can download beautiful desktop wallpapers of owls.


barred owl picture     beautiful owl image     burrowing owl picture
Barred owl picture Beautiful owl image Burrowing owl picture

digital owl wallpaper     great gray owl     little owl
Digital owl wallpaper Great gray owl Little owl


owl background image     owl chick wallpaper     owl in flight
Owl background image Owl chick wallpaper Owl in flight

owl with babies     the eagle owl     white owl photo
Owl with babies The eagle owl White owl photo

Owl Bird Description:

Owl is a relatively large bird, reaching over 61 cm and 170 cm in wingspan.
It is an impressive bird, which gave rise to numerous stories and legends. Hunt only at
night, flying silently at distances up to 15 km from the nest, thus covering approx. 700 km
square. Western superstitions attributed owl and other representatives of the order of dark
powers, leading to their wild hunting.

Owl is the largest bird of prey at night, reaching a height of between 15 and 61 cm.
He has many enemies, because it comes at night and is well camouflaged colors of
feathers. Given the very poor (owl sees almost exclusively in black and white) during the
game relies heavily on very acute hearing and the ability to fly without too much noise
(is helped by the feathers long and swollen, including more air enters) so that victims are
often taken by surprise.

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