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Baby ostrich bird, funny ostrich, struthio biggest bird on earth, running ostrich picture.


baby ostrich photo     digital ostrich     funny ostrich
Baby ostrich photo Digital ostrich Funny ostrich

ostrich background     ostrich birds     ostrich
Ostrich background Ostrich birds Ostrich


struthio picture     tall ostrich bird     ostrich wallpaper
Struthio picture Tall ostrich bird Ostrich wallpaper

ostrich head picture     ostrich on the field     ostrich photo
Ostrich head picture Ostrich on the field Ostrich photo

Ostrich Bird Description:

The ostrich is a bird that lives in Africa and belongs to the group of runner birds, the largest
living bird on earth today. African ostrich now living in the Sahara desert has been spread in
the past and the territory of west Asia.

The male reaches a height of 210 to 275 cm, weighing 100-130 kg, and can reach 150 kg,
females are smaller with a height of 175-190 cm and weight 90-110 kg. The ostrich has a
strongly developed musculature of the legs as an adaptation to running, reaching a speed
of 70 km/h, while for half an hour the bird can run at a speed of 50 km/h.

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