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nissan pathfinder     nissan pathfinder on gravel     2011 nissan pathfinder suv
Nissan pathfinder Nissan pathfinder on gravel 2011 nissan pathfinder suv

2011 nissan pathfinder     nissan pathfinder side view     2011 pathfinder interior
2011 nissan pathfinder Nissan pathfinder side view 2011 pathfinder interior

2012 pathfinder on the road     nissan pathfinder and navara     nissan pathfinder offroad
2012 pathfinder on the road Nissan pathfinder and navara Nissan pathfinder offroad

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Some info about the Nissan Pathfinder:

The North American 1st series Pathfinder was available in two different bodies and shared design and most parts
with the Nissan Hardbody Truck. Built on a ladder-type structure, the Pathfinder was Nissan's response to the Jeep
Cherokee and the Toyota 4Runner.

The first generation Pathfinders are known to get rust in various areas like the following: the frame above and
behind the rear wheels, the floor directly above the catalytic converter and under seats.

The second series Pathfinder was released in 1996 with a more rounded design. The second generation was
completely re-styled from the 1st series, switching from body on frame structure to unibody-based structure.

In 2004, Nissan introduced a completely new Pathfinder for the 2005 model year. The new R51 Pathfinder utilizes
the Nissan F-Alpha rugged body platform, and is powered by a 4.0L V6 engine or a 2.5 L Turbo Diesel engine.

An upgraded model debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010. Now available with a Nissan 3.0L V6 TD V9X
Engine, producing 240 HP. A re-styled Pathfinder will go on sale in late 2012 as a 2013 car type, and will be
based on a unibody crossover construction like other modern SUVs.

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nissan pathfinder on road     nissan pathfinder suv     pathfinder suv wallpaper
Nissan pathfinder on road Nissan pathfinder suv Pathfinder suv wallpaper

nissan pathfinder wallpaper     nissan pathfinder white     pathfinder and navara
Nissan pathfinder wallpaper Nissan pathfinder white Pathfinder and navara


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Nissan Pathfinder basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Nissan
Production: 1986–present
Body style: 2-door SUV, 4-door SUV
Class: Compact SUV, Mid-size SUV, Mid-size Crossover SUV
Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Engine: 2.4L I4; 2.7L TD Diesel; 3.0L V6; 3.5L V6; 4.0L V6; 5.6L V8

Other online resources about the Nissan Pathfinder:

- Nissan Pathfinders Off Road Organization (NPORA)
- Official Nissan Canadian Website

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