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Cute and funny monkeys animal pictures. Gallery of monkey wallpapers displaying baby
monkeys, gorillas, macaco monkey, Japanese and funny monkeys, families and more.


baby gorilla with mom     baby monkey picture     black and white monkey
Baby gorilla with mom Baby monkey picture Black and white monkey

black gorilla wallpaper     frozen face monkey     funny cartoon monkeys
Black gorilla wallpaper Frozen face monkey Funny cartoon monkeys


funny monkey wallpaper     japanese monkey picture     macaco wallpaper
Funny monkey wallpaper Japanese monkey picture Macaco wallpaper

monkey family wallpaper     monkeys family     sleeping monkeys photo
Monkey family wallpaper Monkeys family Sleeping monkeys photo

Monkey Animal Description:

There are 264 known species of monkeys. Man is considered biologically related with
primate monkey, which as Darwin's theory has a common ancestor. Monkey in the
mythology of peoples played an important role, for example in India, ancient Egypt and

In the Buddhist religion, the symbol of the three monkeys who can't see, can't hear and
can't say anything, is known also in Europe. Monkey is also known in the Chinese zodiac,
which is the new 12-year cycle which includes 12 animals. Next time the monkey will
appear as the zodiac sign on the sky will be in 2016.

Monkey Internet Resources:

Helping Hands -Monkey helpers for the disabled

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