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Evolution X race car     Lancer 1600 GSR picture     Lancer EVO6 racing car
Evolution X race car Lancer 1600 GSR picture Lancer EVO6 racing car

Lancer EVO9 rally     lancer evolution WRC     Mitsubishi motorsports
Lancer EVO9 rally Lancer Evolution WRC Mitsubishi motorsports

Mitsubishi race car picture     Mitsubishi race car     Mitsubishi racing cars
Mitsubishi race car picture Mitsubishi race car Mitsubishi racing cars

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Information About The Mitsubishi Motorsport Division:

Mitsubishi have now 50 years of global motor sport experience. Starting with street races in the early 1960s,
the company went on ways to the events of off-road racing. It dominated endurance rallies in the 1970s, the Dakar
Rally from the 1980s, and the Group A and Group N classes of the WRC through the 1990s. Ralliart was at first
Mitsubishi's racing separate division, but the company stopped racing officially in 2010.

Circuit racing: Their first motorsport apparition was in touring car racing in 1962, when they participated with
the Mitsubishi 500 Super DeLuxe in the Macau GP. In an amazing debut, the car took the first four places in the
"Under 750cc" class, with Kazuo Togawa as the driver. The company came back the next year with the Colt 600
and occupied the first three places in the "Under 600 cc" category.

Off-road racing: The East African Safari Rally was the most competitive event on the WRC calendar in the 1970s.
MMC designed the Lancer 1600 GSR for the marathon race event, and won at the first attempt in 1974. One of their
highest performance was a total sweep of the top places in 1976 in an circuit where just 20% of the entrants reached
the finish line. They also obtained the top four places in the 1973 Southern Cross Rally.

During the 1980s Mitsubishi continued to enter the WRC, with the Lancer EX2000 Turbo and the Starion model.
Mitsubishi developed the Lancer Evolution, and with the Tommi Mäkinen driver, they won the manufacturers'
championship award in 1998.

Mitsubishi is the most successful car company in the history of the Dakar Rally, one of the most dangerous racing
events. At this time, Pajero holds the most victories out of the Dakar rally.

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Mitsubishi racing car     Mitsubishi WRC4 car     Rally prepared Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi racing car Mitsubishi WRC4 car Rally prepared Mitsubishi

Red Mitsubishi racer car     Red Mitsubishi rally car     Yellow Lancer Evolution
Red Mitsubishi racer car Red Mitsubishi rally car Yellow Lancer Evolution


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Notable Mitsubishi Motorsports Car Models:

- 500 Super DeLuxe
- Colt 600 / 1000
- Lancer 1600 GSR
- Lancer EX2000 Turbo
- Lancer Evolution WRC

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