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Gallery webpage with the most beautiful Mitsubishi Eclipse wallpapers. Brief history of the Mitsubishi
Eclipse Japanese sports car and Eclipse technical specs plus other recommended Mitsubishi Eclipse
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2003 mitsubishi eclipse     2006 eclipse gt-v6     2007 mitsubishi eclipse gt
2003 mitsubishi eclipse 2006 eclipse gt-v6 2007 mitsubishi eclipse gt

2010 mitsubishi eclipse gt2     2010 mitsubishi eclipse gt     2011 eclipse interior
2010 mitsubishi eclipse gt2 2010 mitsubishi eclipse gt 2011 eclipse interior

2011 eclipse wallpaper     2011 eclipse engine     2011 mitsubishi eclipse
2011 eclipse wallpaper 2011 eclipse engine 2011 mitsubishi eclipse

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Brief History of The Mitsubishi Eclipse:

The Eclipse was a coupe car that was manufactured since 1989. A convertible body model was adopted for the
1996 model. The car was named after an 18th century English racehorse. Mitsubishi was stated that Eclipse
production would come to an end in August 2011. In late August, the last Eclipse leaves off the assembly factory.

The first generation Mitsubishi Eclipse was produced as an entry-level 4-cylinder sports car. Four models were
available: the first three cars were FWD and the last was AWD. The top of the line FWD and the AWD cars were
fitted with turbocharged engines.

The standard driveline design of the Eclipse is a transverse-placed four-cylinder Mitsubishi 4G37 or 4G63 engine
mounted on the left-hand side of the car coupled to an automatic or manual transmission. A limited edition model
of the Eclipse, called the "10th Anniversary OZ Rally", was presented at the end of the 1999, featuring unique
16-inch wheels from OZ Racing.

The last 2012 Eclipse produced was built in August 2011, painted Kalapana Black, the color was selected by
members of Mitsubishi’s Facebook fans, who opted from a historical Eclipse color line. It was the only Eclipse
ever built featuring both the 3.8L 265 hp V6 engine and the SE sports package, along with a special 18-inch
Dark Argent alloy wheels and unique graphics.

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2012 eclipse se     2012 mitsubishi eclipse car     2012 mitsubishi eclipse
2012 eclipse se 2012 mitsubishi eclipse car 2012 mitsubishi eclipse

2012 white eclipse se     eclipse gt 2009     eclipse se 2012
2012 white eclipse se Eclipse gt 2009 Eclipse se 2012

eclipse spyder gs sport     eclipse 2011 top roof     eclipse gt-v6 2006
Eclipse spyder gs sport Eclipse 2011 top roof Eclipse gt-v6 2006

mitsubishi eclipse gt-v6     orange mitsubishi eclipse     yellow mitsubishi eclipse
Mitsubishi eclipse gt-v6 Orange mitsubishi eclipse Yellow mitsubishi eclipse


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Mitsubishi Eclipse Generation Models and Specifications:

- Eclipse - Basic Front-wheel drive model fitted with a 92 hp naturally aspirated engine 1.8L 8v.
- Eclipse GS - Enhanced FWD model with some more equipment.
- Eclipse GS 16v - Same as the GS model but with an improved 16-valve engine.
- Eclipse GS Spyder - Convertible FWD model fitted with a 141 hp 2.4L 16v engine.
- Eclipse GS DOHC - Improved FWD model featuring a 135 hp naturally aspirated 2.0L 16v engine.
- Eclipse GS-T - Top-line Front-wheel drive model featuring a 195 hp turbocharged 2.0L 16v engine.
- Eclipse GS-T Spyder - Convertible FWD model fitted with a 210 hp turbocharged 2.0L 16v engine.
- Eclipse GS-X - All-wheel drive (AWD) model equipped with a 195 hp turbocharged 2.0L 16v engine.

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