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Quality wallpapers of Mini Cooper rally and racing sports cars. Wallpapers of Mini Cooper racing cars in action -
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2012 cooper b-spec     Classic mini cooper rally     Classic mini racing car
2012 Cooper B-Spec Classic Mini Cooper rally Classic Mini racing car

Mini cooper b-spec     Mini cooper coupe 2012     Mini cooper racing car
Mini Cooper B-Spec Mini Cooper coupe 2012 Mini Cooper racing car

Mini cooper rally car     Mini cooper S GT     Minicooper wallpaper
Mini Cooper rally car Mini Cooper S GT MiniCooper wallpaper

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Information About The Mini Cooper Motorsport Division:

John Cooper, founder of the Cooper Automobile Company and developer of F1 and rally cars, saw the potential
of the Mini cars in racing events. At first, other key people involved in racing events were not sure about the Mini
in the role of a racing car. However, John Cooper tryied hard to convince the BMC management, then the development
of the Mini Cooper started, a small, economical and cheap car. The Austin Mini Cooper and Morris Mini Cooper were
unveiled in 1961.

The original 848cc engine from the Morris Mini-Minor was increased to 997cc, boosting raw power from 25 kW
to 41 kW. The car featured a racing-tuned engine, two SU carburettors, a closer-ratio gearbox and racing front
disc brakes, a rare thing at that time. 1000 cars of this model were kept by management, prepared and tuned to
meet the acceptance rules of Group 2 rally event.

A more powerful Mini Cooper, named the "S", was designed and produced in 1963. Equipped with a 1071cc engine
with nitrided steel crankshaft and strengthened bottom to allow further sport tuning. 4,030 Cooper S vehicles were
built until the version was upgraded in August 1964. Cooper also created two S models intended for circuit racing in
the under 1000cc and under 1300cc classes respectively.

The Mini Cooper S earned a reputation with Monte Carlo Rally victories in 1964, 1965 and 1967. Mini cars were at
first placed first, second and third in the 1966 rally event, but were disqualified after a weird decision by a French judge.

The issue was related to the use of a headlamp dimming system in place of a regular filament lamp. It must be noted
that at the same event the Citroen DS (French car) that was awarded 1st place, had illegal white headlamps and
somehow escaped disqualification.

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Mini cooper wallpaper     Mini cooper WRC car     Mini WRC 2013
Mini Cooper wallpaper Mini Cooper WRC car Mini WRC 2013

Retro mini cooper racer     Retro mini cooper     Mini cooper coupe
Retro Mini Cooper racer Retro Mini Cooper Mini Cooper coupe


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Notable Mini Cooper Motorsports Car Models:

- Mini Cooper
- Mini Cooper S GT
- Mini Cooper WRC

Other Resources About Mini Cooper Sports / Touring / F1 Car Racing:

- MINI Challenge - The one-make racing championship
- MINI at Wikipedia

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