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Wallpaper gallery of Mercedes C63 AMG - Hi-Res quality desktop wallpapers of Mercedes C63 AMG modern
muscle car. The 2012 C63 car model, instruments panel, engine bay and interior images.


2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG     Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe     Mercedes C63 AMG Engine
2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Mercedes C63 AMG Engine

Mercedes C63 AMG Nameplate     Mercedes C63 AMG on Road     C63 AMG Steering Wheel
Mercedes C63 AMG Nameplate Mercedes C63 AMG on Road C63 AMG Steering Wheel

Mercedes C63 AMG 2012     Benz C63 AMG Coupe     C63 AMG Instruments Panel
Mercedes C63 AMG 2012 Benz C63 AMG Coupe C63 AMG Instruments Panel

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The Benz C63 AMG Coupe Modern Muscle Car:

Fitted Engines: 6.2L V8 AMG

The C63 AMG is the first Mercedes car (by AMG) designed from the ground up for the best performance.
The older AMG C-Class models were having "bolt on" performance modifications, but according to Car and
Driver these older AMG versions had "relentless understeer" and "heavy steering".

The new C63 AMG has a reworked front end suspension that is shared with the CLK 63 AMG Black Series.
The ESP function can now be completely switched off, actioning only under too heavy braking. The C63 AMG
has the most responsive steering of any Mercedes automobile to date. AOL Autos said about the new C63 it
is the best driver's car from Mercedes.

The AMG 6.2L V8 engine, altough being slightly detuned compared to other AMG versions with the same
engine structure, is still able to output more horsepower and torque over direct competitors such as the Audi
RS4 and BMW M3. The 7G-Tronic automatic transmission features AMG SpeedShift with three shift modes –
Comfort, Sport and Manual.

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Benz C63 AMG Interior     Benz C63 AMG Picture     Mercedes C63 AMG
Benz C63 AMG Interior Benz C63 AMG Picture Mercedes C63 AMG

Benz C 63 Wallpaper     Red Benz C 63 AMG     C 63 AMG Car Picture
Benz C 63 Wallpaper Red Benz C 63 AMG C 63 AMG Car Picture


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