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McLaren MP4 12C rare luxury car wallpapers - One of the most expensive cars ever produced. McLaren is
a name associated with high-performance and top speed, thus, other car manufacturers will hardly hope to
compete against the MP4 road "monster".


2011 McLaren MP4 12C     2011 McLaren MP4 Car     McLaren 12C Car
2011 McLaren MP4 12C 2011 McLaren MP4 Car McLaren 12C Car

McLaren MP4 12C on Track     McLaren MP4 12C     McLaren MP4 12C Top View
McLaren MP4 12C on Track McLaren MP4 12C McLaren MP4 12C Top View

McLaren MP4 12C Wallpaper     McLaren MP4 Photo     McLaren MP4 Picture
McLaren MP4 12C Wallpaper McLaren MP4 Photo McLaren MP4 Picture

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About The McLaren MP4 12C - One Of The Most Expensive Cars:

Average Price in 2012: $267,000 USD

The McLaren MP4-12C is a high-performance sports car produced by McLaren Automotive. It is the first
production-series car completely designed and produced by McLaren since the McLaren F1. The car's final
style was presented on 8 September 2009, and was released in 2011. The MP4-12C is built on a carbon fibre
composite structure, and is equipped with a McLaren M838T 3.8L V8 twin-turbo engine generating 592 bhp.

The vehicle features technology used in Formula One such as "brake steer", where the inside rear wheel is
braked during fast cornering to minimize understeer. A seven-speed Seamless Shift dual-clutch gearbox is
mated to the engine.

McLaren claims the MP4-12C can accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h in just 8.9 seconds. The vehicle can reach
a top speed of 322 km/h and can completely stop from 200 km/h in under 5 seconds.

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McLaren MP4 Expensive Car     McLaren MP4 Front Wheel     McLaren MP4 Interior
McLaren MP4 Expensive Car McLaren MP4 Front Wheel McLaren MP4 Interior

MP4 12C Wallpaper     Orange McLaren MP4     Red McLaren MP4
MP4 12C Wallpaper Orange McLaren MP4 Red McLaren MP4


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