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mazda tribute     2008 mazda tribute     2010 mazda tribute
Mazda tribute 2008 mazda tribute 2010 mazda tribute

2011 blue mazda tribute     2011 green mazda tribute     2011 mazda tribute dashboard
2011 blue mazda tribute 2011 green mazda tribute 2011 mazda tribute dashboard

2011 mazda tribute interior     2011 red mazda tribute     blue mazda tribute suv 2011
2011 mazda tribute interior 2011 red mazda tribute Blue mazda tribute suv 2011

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Some info about the Mazda Tribute:

Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape were presented in 2001, offering front or all-wheel drive (AWD) and a optionof
a transversely mounted 2.0L Ford Zetec engine or 3.0L Ford Duratec V6 (more powerful) engine. One big difference
between the Mazda Tribute and the Ford Escape is that the Tribute's suspension is set for a firmer ride than the
Escape, this was made to keep up with Mazda's sporty style.

The 2001–2006 Mazda Tribute was available with front or 4WD drive and has a kind of plain-looking but
comfortable and large interior, good handling and ride sensation. Both the Escape and Tribute were redesigned
in 2004 for the 2005 model year. The standard fitted engine became the Mazda 2.3L, and the top engine remained
the 3.0L Duratec V6.

For the 2008 model, Mazda Tribute was seriously re-styled. Important changes include all new sheet metal
and interior. The Tribute had some more major changes regarding performance for the 2009 model year, mostly
by way of mechanical upgrades. Most important, all new engines replaced the old 2.3L I4 and 3.0L V6.
Mazda's new MZR 2.5L I4 replaced the 2.3L engine, boosting the output power to 171 bhp, while still improving
fuel consumption.

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mazda tribute 4x4 suv     mazda tribute 4x4 wallpaper     mazda tribute hybrid suv
Mazda tribute 4x4 suv Mazda tribute 4x4 wallpaper Mazda tribute hybrid suv

mazda tribute interior     mazda tribute side view     mazda tribute wallpaper
Mazda tribute interior Mazda tribute side view Mazda tribute wallpaper


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Mazda Tribute basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Mazda, Ford Motor Company
Production: 2001–2012
Body style: 5-door SUV
Class: Compact CUV; Hybrid vehicle
Layout: Front-engine, front-wheel drive / Four-wheel drive
Engine: 2.3L 153 hp I4; 2.5L I4; 3.0L AJ V6; 3.0L 203 hp V6

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