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Here you can download high-quality wallpapers of the Mazda RX-7 Japanese sports car. The Mazda RX-7
is one of the fastest cars ever built, here you can find wallpapers, history and technical specs about this
beautiful Japanese sports car.


beautiful mazda rx7     blue mazda rx7     mazda rx7 1998
Beautiful mazda rx7 Blue mazda rx7 Mazda rx7 1998

mazda rx7 drift car     mazda rx7 fd black     mazda rx7 fd rally
Mazda rx7 drift car Mazda rx7 fd black Mazda rx7 fd rally

mazda rx7 fd     mazda rx7 racing car     mazda rx7 series 8
Mazda rx7 fd Mazda rx7 racing car Mazda rx7 series 8

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Brief History of The Mazda RX-7:

The Mazda RX-7 was built from 1978 to 2002. The initial RX-7 was equipped with a 1146 cc twin-rotor Wankel
rotary engine having an RWD traction platform. The RX-7 was a substitute for the old RX-3.

The first RX-7 was a sports car model. The small and lightweight Wankel engine (rotary engine) is placed behind
the front axle, a configuration stated by Mazda as "front mid-engine" placement. It was sold as a two-seat coupe,
with rear seats as an option, altough a rare one.

Racing versions of the first Mazda RX-7 were participating at the famous 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race.
In 1991, Mazda became the first Japanese car maker to win the 24 hours of Le Mans. The car was a four-rotor
type, the 787B.

The RX-7 was also present at the World Rally Championship. The car finished 11th at the RAC Rally in Wales
in 1981. Group B received much of the attention for the first part of the 1980s, but Mazda made it to the third
place at the 1985 Acropolis Rally. The FC and FD models are considered the best choices for drifting contests,
because of their short wheelbase and lots of engine power - up to 790 bhp.

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mazda rx7 sports car     mazda rx7 tuning     mazda rx7 wallpaper
Mazda rx7 sports car Mazda rx7 tuning Mazda rx7 wallpaper

modified mazda rx7     red mazda rx7     red mazda rx7 tuning
Modified mazda rx7 Red mazda rx7 Red mazda rx7 tuning

rx7 interior picture     rx7 modified     silver mazda rx7
RX7 interior picture RX7 modified Silver mazda rx7

veilside mazda rx7     white mazda rx7     yellow mazda rx7
Veilside mazda rx7 White mazda rx7 Yellow mazda rx7


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Mazda RX-7 Generation Models and Specifications:

- Mazda RX-7 SA/FB - 1st gen - Exposed steel bumpers and a high-mounted indentation-located license plate.
- Mazda RX-7 FC/Savanna RX-7 - 2st - Naturally aspirated, fuel-injected 13B-VDEI engine 146 hp, turbo II 182 hp.
- 10th Anniversary Mazda RX-7 - RX-7 Turbo II engine, only 1500 cars built, gold 10th Anniversary Edition badge.
- Mazda RX-7 FD - 3st - Updated body design, sequential twin-turbocharger system, 252 and 276 hp engine power.
- Mazda RX-7 SP - 274 hp engine, race developed carbon fibre nose cone and rear spoiler, carbon fibre fuel tank.
- Mazda RX-7 Bathurst R - Special edition in Japan only.
- Mazda RX-7 Type RS top-of-the-line - Bilstein suspension and 17-inch wheels, only 1,280kg weight, 276 hp.
- Mazda RX-7 Type RZ limited edition - Only 1270 kg weight, BBS wheels, new 16-bit ECU, ABS sys improvement.
- Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A/B/C - Had all standard features of limited editions plus new exclusive addons.

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