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Mazda CX-9 SUV quality wallpapers for your desktop. Some of the best wallpapers of the Mazda CX9 can
be found on this page, interior and exterior photos.


mazda cx-9     2008 mazda cx-9     2010 mazda cx-9 interior
Mazda cx-9 2008 mazda cx-9 2010 mazda cx-9 interior

2010 mazda cx-9     2011 mazda cx-9 interior     2011 mazda cx-9
2010 mazda cx-9 2011 mazda cx-9 interior 2011 mazda cx-9

2011 cx-9 wallpaper     2012 mazda cx-9 interior     2012 mazda cx-9
2011 cx-9 wallpaper 2012 mazda cx-9 interior 2012 mazda cx-9

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Some info about the Mazda CX-9:

The 2007 Mazda CX-9 model was equipped with a 3.5L Cyclone V6 engine. Standard safety features includes
Dynamic Stability Control, traction control, Roll Stability Control, front side and three row side curtain safety airbags.

In 2008, Mazda increased engine size to 3.7L. Mazda states that this new engine is capable of 273 hp and 366
Nm of torque. Mazda also added a Blind Spot Monitoring System, and a Rearview Mirror mounted video camera.
Also fitted an Collision avoidance/blind spot warning sensor.

The 2010 Mazda CX-9 has a new grille, and was presented at the 2009 New York Auto Show. The 2010 Mazda
CX-9 is available in three variants: Classic, Luxury and the Grand Touring model. The 2010 Mazda CX-9 comes
with tri-zone climate control and a Bluetooth hands-free interface as standard devices.

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black mazda cx-9     mazda cx-9 exterior     mazda cx-9 front view
Black mazda cx-9 Mazda cx-9 exterior Mazda cx-9 front view

mazda cx-9 wallpaper     red mazda cx-9     white mazda cx-9
Mazda cx-9 wallpaper Red mazda cx-9 White mazda cx-9


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Mazda CX-9 basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Mazda
Production: 2007–present
Body style: 5-door SUV
Class: Full-size crossover SUV
Layout: Transverse front engine, front-wheel drive / All-wheel drive
Engine: 3.5L MZI V6; 3.7L MZI V6

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