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Maybach Landaulet luxury car wallpapers - One of the most expensive cars ever made. Maybach is known
for creating luxurious limousines for the most demanding.


Maybach Landaulet Wallpaper     Maybach Landaulet Expensive     Maybach Landaulet Limo
Maybach Landaulet Wallpaper Maybach Landaulet Expensive Maybach Landaulet Limo

Maybach Landaulet Luxury     Maybach Landaulet Interior     Landaulet Limousine
Maybach Landaulet Luxury Maybach Landaulet Interior Landaulet Limousine

Maybach Luxury Car     Maybach Landaulet on Road     Maybach Landaulet Photo
Maybach Luxury Car Maybach Landaulet on Road Maybach Landaulet Photo

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About The Maybach Landaulet - One Of The Most Expensive Cars:

Average Price in 2012: 1,5 million USD

The Maybach 62 Landaulet, inspired by the Maybach 62S, brings to life the classic landaulet car body design,
which was famous in the 1920s and 1930s. The car is featuring a biturbo V12 engine producing 612 hp. Front
seats are fully separated from the rear compartment by a window - opacity can be electronically controlled.

A sliding soft roof allows passengers to view the whole sky from the comfort of their seats. The driver's area is
styled in black leather, while the rear is designed in all white and piano black.

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Landaulet Car Picture     Landaulet Rear Seats     Landaulet Top View
Landaulet Car Picture Landaulet Rear Seats Landaulet Top View

Landaulet and Villa     Landaulet Car Wallpaper     White Maybach Landaulet
Landaulet and Villa Landaulet Car Wallpaper White Maybach Landaulet


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