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Quality and beautiful wallpapers of Lotus race cars. Wallpaper gallery of Lotus motorsport racing cars -
Lotus Elite, Elise, Evora, Exige, Evora GTE, Esprit and classic Lotus photos.


1965 lotus cortina Jim Clark     2012 lotus exige R-GT     Lotus cortina wallpaper
1965 Lotus Cortina Jim Clark 2012 Lotus Exige R-GT Lotus Cortina wallpaper

Lotus elise motorsport     Lotus elise racing car     Lotus esprit front view
Lotus Elise motorsport Lotus Elise racing car Lotus Esprit front view

Lotus evora cup     Lotus evora GT-E photo     Lotus evora picture
Lotus Evora Cup Lotus Evora GT-E photo Lotus Evora picture

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Information About The Lotus Motorsport Division:

In early 1950s Lotus concentrated on obtaining victories at Le Mans, with the Mark 9, the Lotus Eleven and
the Lotus 14, Elite. By 1960 the team managed to secure a few Le Mans victories and Chapman's interests in
motorsport switched from Sports Racer cars to open wheeled race cars, Formula Junior, Indianapolis Cars and
the World Series events. F1 was a road dominated by Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and Cooper.

From 1960 to 1981, Chapman and Lotus proved as the most famous F1 Team, winning many championship
titles. Establishing a habit of winning by a full commitment to developing a high-performance car through intelligent
engineering. It was such a heart-gived dedication that lead Chapman and Lotus to an Indianapolis victory in 1965.

It was this same passion that designed the first successful full monocoque racing body frame, the first successful
highly stressed engine for racing, and the industry-first full composite chassis for a car.

When Chapman died in December of 1982, no one questioned the contribution that Chapman and his car
company had upon the automobile industry both for road and racing. Every car on the racing track and on the
road today owes a small part of its styling and technology to Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman, the founder of Lotus.

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Lotus exige racing car     Lotus exige R-GT     Lotus exige R-GT rally
Lotus Exige racing car Lotus Exige R-GT Lotus Exige R-GT rally

Lotus racing car     Lotus sports car     Lotus elite sports car
Lotus racing car Lotus sports car Lotus Elite sports car


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Notable Lotus Motorsports Car Models:

- Lotus Elise Sport
- Lotus Esprit
- Lotus Evora Cup, GTE
- Lotus Exige R-GT
- Lotus Cortina
- Lotus Elite

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