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Wallpapers with lions - the king of all animals on the planet. Wild lion wallpapers.
African lion king, beautiful white lions, lion cubs and babies, dangerous female lions.
The king of all animals on the planet.


african lions couple     angry lions     baby lion wallpaper
African lions couple Angry lions Baby lion wallpaper

dangerous lion     female lions     lion cubs wallpaper
Dangerous lion Female lions Lion cubs wallpaper


lion king of animals     lions digital image     lion son and father
Lion king of animals Lions digital image Lion son and father

two african lions     two lions standing     white lion picture
Two african lions Two lions standing White lion picture

Lion Animal Description:

The lion is a mammal of the Felidae family. Male lion can be easily recognized because of
its mane and can weigh up to 250 kg. Females are much smaller, weighing up to 150 kg.
Lions live about 20 years. Although it is known as the "king of the jungle", the lion is an
animal that lives in open plains, and can be found throughout Africa.

Even so, it is an endangered species, significant populations being found only in national
parks in Tanzania and South Africa. Lions are a symbol that appears often in heraldry and
chivalry of the royal family. Appears even in China's art, though never lived there. No other
animal has received more attention in art and literature. In the Bible the lion is mentioned
130 times. In the art of stone, especially in cave paintings, drawings representing lions are

Lions Internet Resources:

African Wildlife Foundation - The Lion

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