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Lincoln MKZ luxury sedan widescreen wallpaper collection. Get quality Lincoln MKZ wallpapers for your
computer - Lincoln MKZ luxury sedan.


2010 Lincoln MKZ     Lincoln MKZ Concept     2012 Lincoln MKZ
2010 Lincoln MKZ Lincoln MKZ Concept 2012 Lincoln MKZ

Black Lincoln MKZ     Lincoln MKZ 2012     Lincoln MKZ Concept Car
Black Lincoln MKZ Lincoln MKZ 2012 Lincoln MKZ Concept Car

Lincoln MKZ Front Wheel     Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Car     Lincoln MKZ Image
Lincoln MKZ Front Wheel Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Car Lincoln MKZ Image

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The Lincoln MKZ Luxury Sedan:

The Lincoln MKZ, first named the Lincoln Zephyr, is a luxury car made by the Lincoln segment of the Ford Motor
Company. The MKZ was the first in a series of new "MK"-named Lincolns, and then has been followed by the MKX,
MKS, and MKT versions.

A hybrid model was introduced in the United States in September 2010. The MKZ Hybrid model was the first
hybrid sold at the same price as its standard gasoline-engine version, however, the hybrid's engine has two less
cylinders than the gasoline's engine).

The 2011 MKZ Hybrid was presented at the New York International Auto Show in 2010 and the first car was
sold in September 2010. It is the first Lincoln hybrid electric car and the first Lincoln car with a four-cylinder
engine. The car delivers an EPA city rating of 41 mpg-US and a highway rating of 36 mpg-US, which made
it the most fuel efficient luxury car in the United States.

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Lincoln MKZ Interior Photo     Lincoln MKZ Interior     MKZ Luxury Sedan Car
Lincoln MKZ Interior Photo Lincoln MKZ Interior MKZ Luxury Sedan Car

Lincoln MKZ on Road     Lincoln MKZ Side Rear     Lincoln MKZ Wallpaper
Lincoln MKZ on Road Lincoln MKZ Side Rear Lincoln MKZ Wallpaper


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