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Lexus LX 570 SUV car wallpapers and pictures. Here you can find quality wallpapers of the full-size SUV
Lexus LX 570, off-road and interior photos.


lexus lx 570 car     2010 lexus lx 570 suv     2010 lexus lx 570
Lexus lx 570 car 2010 lexus lx 570 suv 2010 lexus lx 570

2011 lexus lx 570 interior     2011 lexus lx 570 offroad     black lexus lx 570
2011 lexus lx 570 interior 2011 lexus lx 570 offroad Black lexus lx 570

lexus lx 570 4x4     lexus lx 570 exterior     lexus lx 570 offroad suv
Lexus lx 570 4x4 Lexus lx 570 exterior Lexus lx 570 offroad suv

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Some info about the Lexus LX 570:

Lexus presented the 2008 LX 570 model at the New York International Auto Show in 2007. The Lexus LX 570 was
a complete redesign of the old LX, and the first version of Lexus's largest sport utility vehicle to premiere before its
expected Land Cruiser counterpart. The Lexus LX 570 has a new and powerful 5.7L V8 engine.

The engine is equipped with a 6-speed sequential-shift automatic transmission with an new four-wheel drive system
which uses an electronic Torsen center differential. The LX 570 is equipped with the Lexus fifth generation hard disk
based navigation system with an generous 8-inch screen.

The Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) adds more immediate damper firmness adjustments which are diagonally
cross-linked by a mechanical system powered by hydraulic fluid similar to the Toyota 4Runner X-REAS technology.

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lexus lx 570 offroad     lexus lx 570 on the road     lexus lx 570 side view
Lexus lx 570 offroad Lexus lx 570 on the road Lexus lx 570 side view

lexus lx 570 suv picture     lexus lx 570 white on road     white lexus lx 570
Lexus lx 570 suv picture Lexus lx 570 white on road White lexus lx 570


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Lexus LX 570 basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Lexus (Toyota)
Production: 1996–present
Body style: 4-door SUV
Class: Full-size SUV
Layout: Front engine / full-time 4WD
Engine: 4.5L I6; 4.7L V8; 5.7L V8

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