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Photos of the Lexus LFA exotic car - Beautiful Lexus LFA expensive car photos. Lexus objective is quality,
beauty and performance in the same package.


2012 Lexus LFA Supercar     Lexus LFA 2011     Lexus LFA Car Picture
2012 Lexus LFA Supercar Lexus LFA 2011 Lexus LFA Car Picture

Lexus LFA Car Wallpaper     Lexus LFA Details     Lexus LFA Edition Picture
Lexus LFA Car Wallpaper Lexus LFA Details Lexus LFA Edition Picture

Lexus LFA Engine Bay     Lexus LFA Expensive Car     Lexus LFA in The City
Lexus LFA Engine Bay Lexus LFA Expensive Car Lexus LFA in The City

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About The Lexus LFA - One Of The Most Expensive Cars:

Average Price in 2012: $375,000 USD

The Lexus LFA is a two-seat exotic sports car made by Lexus as a concept car, racing prototype, and production
vehicle. It is the second car in the F group series of performance vehicles from Lexus, following the IS F. Three
concept models have been presented.

The production LFA comes with a revised V10 engine and a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer body structure.
The LFA went on the production line in autumn of 2010, with a planned run of only 500 cars at the standard price
of US$375,000. A circuit-tuned LFA model is planned for 2012.

In its 2010 test of the LFA, Car awarded the vehicle the magazine's maximum note of five stars. The LFA was
also listed in the 2010 Top Gear 100 Sexiest Supercars of All Time.

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Lexus LFA on Road     Lexus LFA Rear Exhaust     Lexus LFA Steering Wheel
Lexus LFA on Road Lexus LFA Rear Exhaust Lexus LFA Steering Wheel

Lexus LFA     Lexus LFA Wallpaper     White 2011 Lexus LFA
Lexus LFA Lexus LFA Wallpaper White 2011 Lexus LFA


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