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Land Rover Freelander car wallpapers for the LR fans, interior and off-road Freelander wallpapers.
Land Rover Freelander 2010, 2011 and 2012 photos.


land rover freelander     2010 land rover freelander     2011 land rover freelander
Land rover freelander 2010 land rover freelander 2011 land rover freelander

2011 white LR freelander     blue land rover freelander     land rover freelander 4x4
2011 white LR freelander Blue land rover freelander Land rover freelander 4x4

land rover freelander 2011     land rover freelander interior     LR freelander motor show
Land rover freelander 2011 Land rover freelander interior LR freelander motor show

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Some info about the Land Rover Freelander:

The first Freelander crossover was presented in 1997. Soon it became Europe's best-selling off-road car until 2002.

There were manufactured a large variety of Freelanders, based around five-door estate and three-door softback design, hardback, and also van-like models. In 2004, Land Rover presented an enhanced and upgraded version of
the Mark I series.

The first generation of Land Rover Freelander was present iat the 1998 Camel Trophy contest and participated
in Land Rover's G4 rally. The vehicle was somehow weak because it did not have a low-range gear system, or a
locking differential, like on larger Land Rover cars. Thus, in comparison to other cars, off-road performance was
not the best.

The Freelander TD4 is the first sport utility vehicle in UK that uses stop-start technology to improve fuel economy
and reduce co2 emissions. The device turns off the engine when the vehicle is stationary. In 2011, the Freelander
crossover is also available in 2 wheel drive, named the eD4. However, this model comes without Terrain Response
and Hill Descent Control, which can be very helpful during off-road.

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land rover freelander offroad     land rover freelander picture     LR freelander suv wallpaper
Land rover freelander offroad Land rover freelander picture LR freelander suv wallpaper

LR freelander wallpaper     orange rover freelander     red land rover freelander
LR freelander wallpaper Orange rover freelander Red land rover freelander


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Land Rover Freelander basic specifications:

Manufacturer: Land Rover
Production: 1997-present
Body style: 3-door convertible SUV; 5-door SUV
Class: Compact crossover SUV
Layout: Transversely mounted, front engine, four-wheel drive
Engine: 1.8L I4; 2.0L BMW M47 TD I4; 2.2L TD4; 2.5L Rover V6; 3.2L Ford SI6 i6

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