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Classic lancia race car     Delta integrale 16V     HF integrale evolution
Classic Lancia race car Delta Integrale 16V HF Integrale Evolution

Lancia beta turbo car     Lancia delta HF picture     Lancia delta integrale rally
Lancia Beta Turbo car Lancia Delta HF picture Lancia Delta Integrale rally

Lancia delta S4     Lancia ECV group S     Lancia fulvia race car
Lancia Delta S4 Lancia ECV Group S Lancia Fulvia race car

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Information About The Lancia Motorsport Division:

Formula One: After Gianni Lancia became the head of the company, Lancia begun to be involved more frequently
in motorsport events, and even deciding to build a Grand Prix vehicle. Vittorio Jano was the new designer for Lancia
and his new Lancia D50 model competed in the 1954 Spanish Grand Prix, where Alberto Ascari took the pole
position and achieved the fastest circuit lap.

Rallying: Lancia has been very successful in motorsport, and mostly in the rally events. Prior to the forming of
the famous WRC competition, Lancia took the final International Championship for Manufacturers title with its Fulvia
in 1972. In the WRC, Lancia is still the most statistically successful brand, winning three constructors' titles with the
Stratos, one with the 037 and six consecutive wins with the Delta. The Delta is also the most successful car model
ever to race in rallying. All these results enriched Lancia with a total of 10 racing Championship titles.

Sports Car Racing: The company was also involved in sports cars in the late 1970s until the mid-1980s.
Originally racing with the Stratos HF in Group 4, as well as a short participation with a rare Group 5 model, the car
was replaced with the Monte Carlo Turbo version.

The LC2 was a direct competitor to the Porsche 956 in terms of speed, gaining 13 pole positions over its history,
however its results were hurt by poor reliability and fuel economy and it only made it for three European and World
Endurance Championship events. The team could not compete against the powerful Porsche 956 and 962 and this
forced Lancia to leave sportscar racing arena at the end of 1986, and then they focused exclusively on rallying.

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Lancia HF integrale     Lancia integrale martini     Lancia racing car
Lancia HF Integrale Lancia Integrale Martini Lancia racing car

Lancia rally wallpaper     Lancia stratos rally     Red lancia car
Lancia rally wallpaper Lancia Stratos rally Red Lancia car


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Notable Lancia Motorsports Car Models:

- Lancia LC1
- Lancia D50A Formula One
- Lancia Delta S4, Integrale 16V
- Lancia Beta Turbo
- Lancia Fulvia
- Lancia Stratos HF

Other Resources About Lancia Sports / Touring / F1 Car Racing:

- Lancia Stratos HF Sports Car
- Lancia Delta S4 Goes 0-62 in 2.3 Seconds on Dirt

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