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Photos of the Lamborghini Reventon exotic car - Beautiful Lamborghini Reventon expensive car photos.
An Italian beauty capable of things you can't even imagine.


Lambo Reventon Interior     Lambo Reventon on Road     Lambo Reventon Roadster
Lambo Reventon Interior Lambo Reventon on Road Lambo Reventon Roadster

Lambo Reventon Supercar     Lambo Reventon Wallpaper     Lambo Reventon Dashboard
Lambo Reventon Supercar Lambo Reventon Wallpaper Lambo Reventon Dashboard

Lambo Reventon Engine     Lambo Reventon Roadster     Lamborghini Top View
Lambo Reventon Engine Lambo Reventon Roadster Lamborghini Top View

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About The Lamborghini Reventon - One Of The Most Expensive Cars:

Average Price in 2012: $1,5 million USD

The Lamborghini Reventon is a mid-engine luxury sports car that was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show
in 2007. The Reventon is the most expensive Lamborghini street-legal car ever made, the price for the car being
US$1,5 million. Its top speed was achieved in Dubai - 356 kph.

Altough the body being restyled, almost all the car components (including its engine) are taken directly from the
Murcielago LP640 model. Lamborghini specified that the Reventon exterior design was inspired from "the fastest

Lamborghini also stated that only 20 cars would be ever produced, with one additional car made to be displayed
in the Lamborghini Museum.

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Reventon Roadster Wallpaper     Reventon Leather Seats     Reventon Supercar
Reventon Roadster Wallpaper Reventon Leather Seats Reventon Supercar

Reventon Expensive Lambo     Reventon Wallpaper     Lamborghini Reventon
Reventon Expensive Lambo Reventon Wallpaper Lamborghini Reventon


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